A hearty welcome to my place!

Thank you for being here. Please be seated on the straw mat (gundri) as I bring you a glass of cool water, from the spring of my heart.

I greatly appreciate that you are here. But I have to warn you — this blog may be full of craps. After all, you are visiting my mental “restroom”. Who doesn’t get a mental diarrhea? I do too. That is why I come here to rest. Please do not expect to find anything of value here. Unless you believe that even crap can be recycled and may be useful sometimes, for example, organic waste can be anaerobically digested to produce fuel (methane), you may want to leave this foul place right now.

If you have decided to stay, please know that it was your heart’s choice not of your mind. A diarrhea is just a temporary disturbance. It comes and goes. Why disturbed by it? When it goes, ‘you’ alone remain, without your mind. In this state, amazing things can happen. Because now you are connected to your heart. There is no difference between ‘I’ and ‘you’ when we remain in our heart. There are many craps in this blog but if you persist and go beyond them, you may find amazing things here. You may find things that you had not found for many life times.

The most-read post in this blog is PhD:concluding remarks. But again, please know that most-read things are usually noises and are faraway from the truth.

Also, please be sure to check all the navigation buttons in this blog. There may be some ‘hidden treasure’. 🙂