नमस्कार! I bow down to the divine within and without you!

A hearty welcome to the Empty Space! Sounds scary? Don’t worry!

Thank you for being here. As per our tradition, I would like to offer you a glass of cool water, from the spring of my heart.

The name says it all. This is an empty space. There is nothing here, absolutely nothing. It is only quiet and peaceful here.

That empty space is very powerful. Empty space is the basis of creation. The whole universe was created from emptiness, from nothingness. Any form of creation takes place in silence, in nothingness. Empty space alone is the truth.

There is an empty space within all of us. We breathe, verily in this space. It is the space of pure consciousness or awareness that is aware of the whole existence including itself. Once we touch this space, we become creative.

Through that empty space, we all are connected. We all are one there. It is a place of harmony that is full of love and joy.

Here, I will guide you to discover that powerful space within us that leads to self-realization, by bringing to you the most ancient knowledge of yoga and meditation discovered in the lap of the Himalayas. You will be surprised to know that the nature of our existence including our body and mind was explored in utmost details thousands of years ago.

If you read carefully, every post in this blog will direct you to the same place — the empty space within us. But if you read in isolation, some of the posts in this blog may seem unconventional, ridiculous, and even disturbing. So I request you to not focus on my words but to my pointing. For now,  you may want to read one of the most-read post in this blog which is about my journey of PhD.

Okay, hopefully we will meet again in some another post. But regardless, I thank you for being here, now, at this moment.