What should you ask from your guru?

Right now, you are a bunch of thoughts. You are full of garbage in your mind. At this time, it is not easy to knock you down. It is really difficult to make you realize who you really are. At this moment, even if god comes in front you, you will challenge him. You are full of logic at this moment.

Your guru can help you but it entirely depends upon you whether you want to wake up or not.


Next time you remember your guru, pray him to come and punch hard on your face. Ask him to punch you again and again until your face is completely covered with blood. You are not just blood and flesh anyways, so it is perfectly fine. Otherwise there is no hope. Right now, you are completely asleep, and dreaming shitty stuff.

If you ever got a chance to meet your guru, you are definitely very lucky. But when you see him, don’t seek blessings from him. Don’t try to bow down and touch his feet. It is not going to help you, really. Rather ask him to kick hard right at your chest with his feet. Just like how Ramakrishna kicked swami Vivekananda on his chest to wake him up. Only then, you will realize who you really are. Otherwise, no other ways can still your mind.


Life is blissful not painful

Life is indeed painful. No matter how beautiful/handsome you are. No matter how educated you are. No matter how powerful you are. You are bound for misery.

In the material mode or ignorance mode, misery is guaranteed. Because to experience light, you must experience darkness. To experience the quality of being happy, you must go through misery. In the material world, pain and pleasure come in cycle one after another. It is your ignorance to think that you will become a happy person if you have money, power, and fame.


But there is a way to get out of this painful cycle. You just need to switch your life from ignorance to knowledge mode. In the knowledge mode, life is blissful not painful.

Knowledge is extremely powerful. One knowledge of the truth can break all of your karma that you have gathered from your many past lives.

You are the owner of your body. You are the owner of your mind too. You are completely separate from your body and mind. Who are you?

Who is reading this right now? Who is aware that you are reading this right now? Find that knower. You will become blissful right now. No need to do yoga for many years. No need to chant mantras forever. You are not free just because you believe that you are not free. In reality, you are free — this is true knowledge. Just behold this truth and you can be free, right now.


Krishna is within you

Relax! Empty your thoughts! And close your eyes! What do you see? Darkness, right? And what do you hear? Silence, right? If this is true, you have found Krishna.


But you don’t believe it. That is the problem. Because you have been told, from your very childhood, that Krishna is a godly person residing up somewhere in Baikuntha. Nobody told you the truth. Everybody told you the story. Nobody told you that you just need to close your eyes to have a darshan of Krishna. Nobody told you that Krishna is within you.

Krishna is darkness. He is the silence. This is knowledge. This knowledge is the nectar of Vedas, Gita, and all other scriptures.

Krishna is darkness but you are afraid of the darkness. That is the problem. Krishna is silence but you are afraid of the silence. That is the problem. In this condition, there is not even a remote chance of getting his darshan. Go to the most famous temple of Krishna, but you still won’t find him.

If you want to meet Krishna, you must be willing to embrace the darkness. You must be willing to shake hands with the silence. You must be willing to be a vacuum — empty of thoughts, emotions, and everything. The moment you become like this, Krishna will reveal. You will experience an immense joy coming out from nowhere. It is the bliss coming from Krishna directly, also called paramananda.

May you be filled with Krishna’s bliss, right now! Happy Krishna Janmasthami!

Why some self-realized beings are not vegetarian?

Is it a must that one has to become a vegetarian in the path of self-realization? 

This is one of the most confusing questions for many spiritual seekers.

For example, Moojiji has said that he is not a vegetarian and his culture does not require him to be a vegetarian. You might have also read this news about Sadhguru ordering a fish dish. Another example is Dalai Lama who is also a non-vegetarian. These kind to news can be surprising if not shocking, to many spiritual seekers — especially the followers. So what is the deal?

10547488_10202506019639127_995873084132696876_n (2)

Once you have passed a certain threshold stage in the spiritual path, you become very stable and the external situations do not affect you much. This threshold stage can be one’s awakening of kundalini. What happens is that after this stage, the energies start to move upward. After this, your thoughts and emotions become very stable. Once you reach this stage, whatever activity you do in the external world, is not going to affect you. Because now you realize that you are separate from your body and mind. Eating meat can certainly affect your body and mind, but it cannot affect you.

But don’t ever think that because your spiritual master ate meat, you can also eat meat. You cannot do all the things that the self-realized beings can do. Until you are established in your own ‘self’, it is better to continue being a vegetarian.

In the spiritual path, any amount of reading is not going to help. You can continue doing google search but you will not find a conclusive answer.

The only way to get a truthful answer is through self-realization, through your own experience. There is a intelligence within you that can answer your each and every question. If you still have a question about meat-eating in your mind, it means that your mind and emotions have not become stable. So just continue doing your sadhana until your ‘self’ destroys all the questions of your mind.


How many times do you breathe in a minute?

Google this question and Dr. Google will tell you that on average a human being breathes about 12-20 times per minute.

Those are average numbers. For a person who practices yoga regularly, those numbers can be much lower.


For example, right now, as I am writing this, I am completely relaxed and meditative. I am breathing about 4-6 times per minute.

Breath, mind and body are connected in a much deeper level than you know of right now. The frequency of your breathing can tell you a lot about your overall physical and emotional health. When you are thought-free, you breathe less. When you are stressed you tend to breathe more. And when you are relaxed, you breathe much slower.

What it means is that if we consciously control the frequency of our breathing, we can control our thoughts and emotions. In yoga, pranayama is one of the key practice among others like asanas, chanting, and meditation. Pranayama is all about controlling your breathe.

Breathing is a phenomenal process. So be conscious of it all the time. Not just thoughts and emotions, you can control the whole world with your breathing. It sounds exaggerated but it is true.


An angry person is capable of giving enormous blessings

Energy itself is neither good nor bad. Only the way it is handled can be good or bad. We can use nuclear energy for power production. Evil minds can use the same nuclear energy for destruction.


An angry person has a lot of energy. It is just that he is expressing his/her energy through anger, in a negative way.

If you have an angry friend or an angry person in your family, try to please him/her. Don’t focus on his angry nature. Look for the divinity that lies within that angry person. There is god inside every human being. By any means, try to please the god residing within that person.

Bow down to him/her. Follow each and every orders. Cook good food. Take him/her out. If you can make that angry person really happy, blessings will shower upon you. There is no doubt.



The greatest wonder of the world

What is the greatest wonder of the world? Yudhisthira has answered this truthfully and beautifully when asked by Yaksha in Yaksha Prashnas. Yaksha Prashnas are a set of questions asked by Yaksha to Yudhisthira all of which are very interesting to read.


To the above question, Yudhisthira replied, “Day after day countless people die. Yet the living person wish to live forever. What can be a greater wonder?”

Indeed it is the greatest wonder. We know that our life is temporary but we still want a permanent job. We fight with others over petty issues. We want to gather as much money as possible. We live as if we are immortal. Isn’t it the most-wonderful thing?

If I were to meet the most beautiful and the ugliest woman

If I were to meet two persons

One, the most beautiful woman

in the entire universe,

and another,

the ugliest woman,

I would ask the most beautiful

to put her both feet

on my chest and press hard

until I wake up

from the dream of lust,

and until my heartbeat becomes

steady and calm.

And to the ugliest one,

I would ask,

to let me touch

the sole of her feet

with my forehead,

until my soul becomes


with that of her.

Don’t be fearful of god

Many religious people do good things because they fear god. They think that god is watching them all the time.

But they don’t know that the ‘fear’ of god they carry is pushing them away from god.

God is not watching you. He won’t come and punish you. Keep waiting for life times but he will never come. Neither to punish you nor to reward you.

When you feel fearful, you cannot reach the core of your being. When you fear, your mind gets disturbed. When you have a disturbed mind, god will never reveal.

As a devotee of god, you should have a brave heart. Even if you did a mistake, don’t be fearful. When you do a mistake, behold the truth — that ‘you’ cannot make any mistake. Your body can make mistakes, your mind can make mistakes, but ‘you’ cannot.

How to separate truth from the junk?

These days, we are flooded with information. We find all kinds of things through google. A lot of times we find conflicting answers to the same question. Often we find two sides of a story. A news channel says one thing and another channel says something else, on the same topic. But what is true?

In the spiritual world, this problem is even more apparent. A lot of spiritual masters to follow. A lot of scriptures to read. A lot of bhajans to listen. Very different to the material world but still it is full of confusions and doubts.

But there is a way.

True knowledge is like sediment. When you become still, it settles down. Truth is very dense. In contrast, junk knowledge is very light. It cannot settle. It can only float on the surface, on your mind.

Know that only ‘you’ have the ability to separate true knowledge from the junk. Nobody else. Not even your guru.

When you find two spiritual masters saying two different things, leave everything and remain still. Don’t move at all for sometime. Then the true knowledge will settle down in you. When you find two religious scriptures giving different accounts of heaven, do the same. It is that simple.