Heaven and hell do not exist

Heaven and hell do not exist in reality. They are the creation of your mind. But until you live in your mind, yes, these things di exist. Not only these things, in the world of mind, ghosts exist too.


And there are so many things seemingly exciting too — astral travel, mind reading, telepathy, Shaktipat, Kundalani awakening, there are so many topics that your mind can explore and become the master. But all these things still happen in the level of your mind.

Don’t aim to go to heaven. You have to come back to the Earth. Heaven is indeed a very nice place. You will feel very good. It looks very real but it is not. Because it is still a mind’s game. Don’t carry the mind with you when you die.

Aim to go to a place where you will become free. That place is beyond your mind. And that place is not so far.

You don’t have to wait ‘death’ to be liberated. If you are willing, you can be liberated right now. You are always free, you only ‘think’ that you are not. Stop thinking and you are free, here and now.

Meditation will not happen until you stop creating ‘new karma’

Meditation is a certain quality. Never try to meditate, you will not be able to so. You will only be wasting your time. Never try to stop your mind. Just by closing your eyes, remaining in ‘guana mudra’ and sitting in lotus position, you cannot do meditation.

The only thing that you need to do is preparation. After you do the necessary preparations, when time comes, you will be meditative. There is no other way. When that time comes, you will know that you have become meditative.

Meditation is your original quality. You cannot miss it. In essence, you are just ‘awareness’ who is aware of its own existence. As awareness, you are a mere witness. You don’t do anything, you just witness. You just watch as things happen — in your body, in your mind, and in the whole cosmos. That is the real meaning of meditation.

What are the preparations?

Right now, every activity that you do is creating new karma that may entrap you in the circle of birth and death for many life times. You create new karma just because of one reason — that you are not ‘aware’ of what is happening. In this ignorance mode, your tendencies are working and you are reacting. That is all you are doing.

Now there are only three things that you need to do. If you do these things, you will stop creating new karma and meditation will happen soon.

Eat the right food. Eat fresh, seasonal, freshly cooked ‘sattvic food‘.  

Let things go — do not react. Whatever happens in your life, just embrace it. Never react. Even when the greatest mishap happens in your life, let it go. Really, nothing is in your control in your life. It just appears so. Your job is to accept whatever happens and move on. This is knowledge of the truth. Embrace it in your life. 

Be conscious of the present moment all the time. When you drink water, keep your attention in the process of drinking and nothing else. When you walk, just walk — feel the breeze and feel the motion of your body. Thoughts certainly arise in your mind but you just ignore them. Just watch as the thoughts come and go.

That is all you need to do!





If you have a university degree, you are eligible for self-realization

We often think that attaining self-realization is extremely difficult. We think that it requires doing meditation for several years in the Himalayas, living extremely disciplined life-style, and isolating completely from the world. We think that it is not only difficult but extremely rare.


But the truth is something else. It requires much less time than you think. It only needs right knowledge and right effort in the right direction.

When you have a university degree, it means that you have developed certain analytical and critical skills with which you can use your mind to get knowledge – knowledge of the truth. In getting such degree, you spend 4 years assuming that it was an undergraduate degree. You did countless assignments, read numerous texts, and made presentations many times. You spend the whole 4 years to earn that degree. That is a tremendous amount of time and effort.

But if you spend even 6 months of time to look inward, it may be enough for self-realization. The only problem is that you don’t have even that much time. Because right now you don’t believe in yourself. The society has made you to believe in your mind. You don’t believe in your heart. You think that dwelling in the ‘heart’ makes one weak. You think that you have to use your brain to get success. You think that success can only bring happiness. But these concepts are entirely wrong. There is not even a hint of ‘truth’ in these concepts.

Once you understand its essence, you will realize that self-realization is so simple. When you realize your self, there is no sufferings in your life. Only things that remain are joy and bliss.


There are more self-realized people than you think

We often think that self-realization is a rare incidence. We are used to believing that self-realized beings like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus-Christ, and Prophet Muhammad are born only once in a few centuries. But this is completely untrue. In fact, there were, and are many self-realized people on this planet. It is just that many people don’t recognize them. Self-realized people, most of the time, isolate themselves from people because they feel complete without the need of the external world. While most of the people in the world are suffering and busy with daily life, self-realized beings stay away from the external world, yet completely blissed out inside. They can also take part in the worldly affairs if required but they remain clean, untouched inside.


Every human being has equal opportunity for self-realization. A boy born in Africa, the world’s richest person, and the great scientist, all have equal opportunity for self-realization. They appear different only in the material world, in the level of mind. In the level of life, in the level of consciousness, they are same.

One’s real ability and success originate from ‘heart’ not from the mind. A happiness of the permanent nature comes only when you trust your heart. In fact you are not your ‘mind’. Mind is just an instrument that you can use for your survival. It cannot help you to understand the nature of your own ‘life’. There is a different proprietor who owns your mind. The purpose of life is to find that proprietor. You will find that it is ‘you’ alone. And that ‘you’ is very powerful. And that ‘you’ is full of love and bliss.

Why most gurus are criminals?

You will be shocked to know this truth. If you have heard that gurus exploit their disciples, sexually, monetarily, or otherwise, you still don’t know their true faces. They are murderers wearing the mask of a guru.

I am telling this truth based on my own experience. I have decided to tell the truth because it is too much. I really don’t want you be the next victim.


I am not saying that every guru is the same but most of them are. Initially, they attract you with some spiritual food. But eventually, they rob you. People are getting robbed everyday in the ashrams and so called spiritual gatherings. They have so much things to sell for you, rudraksha, yantras, rings and so many other religious accessories. What is even more is that they brainwash you with some theories of karma and make you donate money. These things are happening so quietly because they are so professional in this business. These things never get reported in the NEWS.

If you have become in contact with one of these gurus already, better be safe. Because once they know that you like spiritual stuff, they will not leave you. They will start following you until they rob you completely. In fact, they can even kill you. Yes many people have died in so called ashrams. Again, it is NEVER in the NEWS.

If you feel attracted to the spiritual path, know that the guru’s eye is already upon you. Although initially you will be robbed, a guru’s final aim is to kill you. But to kill, your head must be empty. If not, he cannot kill you. So he must wait for your head to be empty. Once you are in the spiritual world, you can be killed at any time, any second. And a guru will come to kill you when you expect the least. He can come in the form of your friend, brother, lover, etc. He can basically assume any physical form; don’t expect him to be a old man with a long beard. You will never know when it happens. When he comes, he comes at a lightning speed. He comes like a flash of light and another moment you are gone.

Nobody can save you. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s most powerful people as friends.

A guru kills you with a sword. The sword is so sharp and thin that your head is slaughtered in no time. You don’t even have time to appeal. This is a brutal world. In a matter of a few seconds, your head will be gone.

After this, you become headless. People won’t like you because you walk here and there without head. Everyone else has a head. They will even laugh at you because you don’t fit in their world anymore.

What is even more interesting is that he puts yourself behind the bar after he kills you. In that jail, there are so many rules to follow. That is exactly why it is called a jail. Being vegetarian, chanting holy mantras, doing meditation every morning, and so on.

But there is one hope.

The hope is that a guru’s sword is made up of knowledge.

And when you are slaughtered by that sword, you get a new life. A fresh life. A life full of bliss. A life without any sufferings.

When your head is gone, you become an empty space full of love. You become Shiva.

And you were actually not put behind the bar. It is just that the majority of people are on the other side of the bar. So they think that you are behind the bars. But the truth is that they are behind the bar, not you.

So when the guru comes, don’t fight. Many people have fought before. None of them were saved. Just let him kill you. Everything will be alright. I assure you.

Are you ready to die? A guru’s eyes may be already upon you.



Essence of Ashtabakra Gita

Ashthavakra says to king Janaka “My son, you may recite or listen to countless scriptures, but you will not be established within until you can forget everything.” 16.1


Every scriptures, in essence, contain one knowledge of the truth. There is no point in reading all of those. That one knowledge of the truth is that you are nothing other than just pure awareness or consciousness. So you have to do nothing, absolutely nothing to realize your own ‘self’. Just remain as you are and you are in touch with your eternal ‘self’ right now. You are free and blissful, right now.



Please let her spit on my face

If I ever tried to be good 

in front of my villagers

please provoke them

to punch me hard

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to teach my parents

let them slap me hard

so that I fall unto their feet

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to argue with my boss

please ask him to fire me immediately

so that I remember who I am

If I ever tried to be smart 

in front of my friend

please let him unfriend me immediately

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to insult my spouse

Let her forsake me

so that I remember who I am. 

If I I ever tried to order my daughter

let her spit on my face

so that I remember who I am. 


Note: Inspired by Akka Mahadevi’s poem

You don’t know how big you are

We have identified with this body so much that we have completely forgotten who we really are. Now our mind has become so narrow-minded and mean that it thinks the dimension of our body represents our size. But the truth is something else. We are truly truly truly big. Right now, you cannot even imagine how big we are really. It needs a completely fresh perspective to understand this. With your current mind, you cannot understand this.

But if you are willing to know and you have an open mind, I will tell you the truth today.

The truth is that you are bigger than the universe. In fact, the universe that you see with all planets, stars, and galaxies, is a speck of dust compared to the size of your own self. The planets, stars, and galaxies are just little waves oscillating in the vast pool of your consciousness (or chitta). Your consciousness is so big that it extends to the infinity in all directions. Your consciousness is so fine that it can penetrate through the buildings, trees, sky, stars, and galaxies. Please understand – what you see is not you. You are actually what you don’t see. It is hard to believe but it is the truth.

Everything that you see and perceive, is entirely yours. The whole universe is yours. Every individual has a different universe of their own.


Close your eyes and ponder. The perception is actually happening within you. The image of the sky, trees, and buildings are being formed within you. They are not outside – they are within you. They are being projected, just like a movie, so they look far, in the outside, on the screen. The trees and buildings outside look so real. They look solid. How can they be unreal? But these are only the questions of your mind. You exist alone, even without your mind. If you close your eyes and delete everything from your mind, you are just the consciousness. You are just aware of yourself. And you are happy and blissful too. You don’t need the external world to be happy. Happiness is your original nature.

Never forget your original size. Remember it all the times – when you walk, work, or travel. Don’t focus in the little things that you see around.


Touch others’ feet whenever possible

Bowing down is something common in all the cultures around the world. It is commonly understood that we bow down to other people to show respect towards them. However, bowing down has little to do with the other person. In fact, you bow down upon others for your own sake. You don’t bow down to show respect to the other person.

If the person to whom you bow down respects you, blessings will flow towards you. But even if the person is your enemy, you are still benefited. Each time you bow down, you kill your ego. Killing ego is the most important part in the spiritual path.


Do the proper bow down. Crawl to the ground and touch others’ feet with your forehead – it is the most appropriate way. If that is not possible, lean down and touch their feet with hands.

If for some social reason, it is not possible to touch other’ feet, you can just do Namaskar but you have to do it with utmost gratitude and reverence towards the person. If it is not possible to do even Namaskar for cultural reason, you can still feel him/her and bow down silently with your own emotions.

If for some reason, the other person does not allow you to touch his/her feet, face towards him/her and bow down upon the earth.

If someone wants to touch your feet, you must let him/her do so. Not allowing to do so is a spiritual crime. You must allow and bless him/her from your heart.

Bow down whenever possible.

I bow down to whoever reads this.

Her beauty? I fell upon her feet


Often she appeared

ugly and dirty

like the deities in the temples


Often I advised her,

to take shower, 

to take care of

personal hygiene.

Ignorant she looked

Often I taught her

how to spell right

and unmodern she was

Often I advised

to dress up fashion

The only thing attractive

She seemed to have

was a seductive body

Which I tried to ride

I molested her huge 

although in my mind. 


Once I removed 

my spectacles 

I realized

She had many forms

ugly, beautiful, fierce, crazy, 

you name it 

And she was so clean 

I could see through her

Her knowledge?

Mine was a speck of dust. 

Her beauty? 

I fell upon her feet. 

Yes! she was a Devi

in the form of a person

right in my home.