Who is Shiva?


O ignorant one!

When are you going,

to remove your spectacles?

that only see ‘things’

When will you start to look,

at the ‘nothings’,

that contain all the ‘things’

And why do you disturb his silence

with his own bhajan? 

How can the noisy bhajan

lead you to the one,

who resides in silence?

Who told you?

If you really want,

to know who he is

Ask him any questions,

this Mahashivaratri

to the Shiva

that resides within you

who never answers. 



Self-realization is a gradual process

You might have heard the story of Buddha. It is said that he became enlightened when he was meditating under a tree called ‘Bodhi’.


However, it is not true. It cannot be true. Self realization is not attained overnight. It is a gradual process of purification. Siddhartha Gautam became enlightened after years of his spiritual quest. Everyone tells where he went externally or physically, but no one tells  where he went internally, in the space of his own ‘self’. Self realization is an internal journey. It is not a journey from his Palace to various parts of Nepal and India.

In fact, a self-realized person can never tell when exactly he was enlightened because this process is so slow. And when someone attains self realization, he does not want to know whether he is self realized or not. He does not have this question. This is a question of mind. A self realized person has crossed the level of mind and attained the space of ‘awareness’ so such questions are obviously not there. It is your question, you want to know whether someone is enlightened or not.

You must have heard the enlightenment stories of some self-realized beings. Such stories are found all over the internet. Someone was sitting somewhere and something bizarre happened, so on and so forth.

But those stories they tell are just ‘experiences’. Yes they are remarkable experiences, but they became enlightened not because of those particular events. That was just an event among many other experiential events. They just took one event and told about it. Well, you all want to read about such stories, so what can they do? It is very funny and true.

Note: In the articles in this blog, ‘he’ refers to both male and female.

3-minute guided meditation

I am taking you to a strange journey today. You will be able to see your own self. You can say this is a guided meditation. But a written one. Please follow each and every instructions. In the end, you will know who you really are. I ask you to trust my words for the next few minutes.


Stop! Stop moving! Do not let your body move at all. Not even a millimeter. Be like a statue. I know it is painful and difficult, but think of the end results. Eyes keep blinking, that is fine. You keep reading, that is fine. Breathing goes on. Other than that, absolutely no movement.

Forget about everything. Be free. Forget about who you are. You are nobody. You think you are an engineer, it is only your belief. You think you are a man, it is only your belief. How can you know whether you are a man or a woman? Who the hell are you to tell? What do you know? You know nothing. You are aware of your own existence, that is it. Except this, you know nothing. Just be aware. Just watch what is going on right now. Be here. Be now.

Start taking deep breaths. Focus your attention on the length of the breath. Do not forget the breath even for a second. Follow the breath each second. Go with it. Do not leave. Start breathing and follow the sound of the breath until you inhale all the way full. Even after you are full, focus your attention on the fullness. Then gradually breath out, again following the sound of your breath each second. Do not hurry. Relax and follow the instructions correctly. Keep doing this for at least about a minute. But do not look at the watch. Just do it.

Now close your eyes and ask yourself a question. WHO AM I? Ask this question silently, in a long way, such that each of the word takes about five seconds. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?

Repeat this question, for about 1 minute. Do not make any calculations, just do it approximately. But when you do, follow each alphabets carefully. Go with the silent sound of the alphabets. Keep your attention constantly on the sounds of the alphabets.

Now remain calm for about one minute.

If you do it correctly, you will get the answer. I cannot give you the answer. Only your ‘self’ can answer this question. No one else.

So who are you?






To all the people who dance

If I respect the most anybody in this universe, it is the dancer.

The mind can never dance. The persons who use their brain can never dance. Dance happens purely by the grace of god.


Image courtesy: wikipedia. 

A person becomes a dancer with devotion and with sustained practice (Abhyasa). Dance is one of the highest form of yoga.

A person who can dance graciously, he/she has lived life completely, in totality. For him/her, the purpose of life is fulfilled. For a real dancer, there is nothing more to do in life. He/she is already liberated.

A great dancer is the one who loses his identify while dancing. When a real dancer starts to dance, he/she dissolves his/her personality into the dance. After some time, only the dance remains. Dance transitions from personal to universal. Then there is unity.

In such a moment of unity, even the people who are watching the dance may become part of the dance. Whenever I watch a person dancing, I freeze, I hang. I then become the joy.

To all those great people who dance, my tears of gratitude on your feet.


What is surrendering and how to do it?

Surrender is key to self-realization. Without surrender, one is not available to the grace. Surrendering is essentially a technique to access the element of grace.

Surrendering is about realizing your own true nature. When you realize this, your mind stops and the space of ‘awareness’ becomes fully functional. When your mind stops, you become available to grace.

To whom?

Real surrender can only be done to one’s own ‘self’. However, one cannot surrender to his/her own ‘self’ without reaching a certain stage in the spiritual path. Until and unless one has realized his/her own inner space of awareness, it may be difficult to surrender to one’s own self directly. Until then, you may have to use your mind and emotions. So it is best to surrender to a personified form of god or the spiritual master.

How to do it?

Two conditions are best for surrendering. First is when you achieve something big. Second is when you go through one of the most difficult time in your life.

When you achieve something big, you naturally become happy and satisfied. When you hear such a big news in your life, sit in a peaceful space. It may be in your own private room. It may also be in some serene place outside — in a park or similar place. Sit comfortably in a meditative position. Close your eyes, and surrender your achievement to the god or other people. Bow down to all those. Realize that you achieved this success because of the help of many people and things around you. Realize that it was your own ‘self’ who made this success possible. It was never because of your ‘mind’. You used your mind but it was never the mind that brought this success. When you realize this, you become available to the grace.

Similarly, when you lose something big in your life or when you are going through some difficult time, do the same. Surrender your failure or difficulty to the god as well. Realize that success and failure come and go. Realize that they are just some temporary ‘experiences’. They cannot affect you unless you let them do so.

How to confirm that you have really surrendered?

Once you surrender, energy starts to flow through your body. It brings immense joy within you. If you experience such immense joy, it means that you were able to surrender. It may be difficult in the beginning, but with sustained practice, surrendering becomes effortless.




What happens at the time of death?

Some say life is short and others say it is long. Whatever be your opinion, life is just the right time required for ‘liberation’.

We grow up, become old, and die. If you look closely, this process is going rather slowly. The reason why this is going slowly is that, the human life is designed for ‘liberation’ by evolution, to be freed from the circle of birth and death.

Back to Godhead - Volume 10, Number 09 - 1975

Why so?

The most important condition for liberation is that you need to be fully aware at the time of death. If you die by accident, say in a car-accident, there is little chance for liberation. Because, at that moment, it is very difficult to maintain awareness. You will be scared and your mind will lose control completely in such instances.

But when you die naturally, there is high chance for liberation. In fact, natural death happens slowly to help you maintain awareness. If you maintain awareness and just be a witness of what happens at the time of death, you will be freed. No doubt on that.

But if you are not prepared and resist death at your deathbed, you won’t be liberated. You will have to take birth again. Unfortunately, these days, most people are not prepared to die.

Note: If you have difficulty understanding what is ‘awareness’ and ‘liberation’, please read other posts in this blog.




Why there are many gods?

So many gods everywhere. Where ever you go, you will find a god. And most probably it will be a new god. Different religions have different gods. Even within Hinduism, it is said that there are 33 crores of gods. But why so many gods?


The only reason why you are seeing many gods is that because right now you are looking outside.

Right now you are only ‘thinking’ of god. But god cannot be ‘thought’ of. God cannot be perceived by your mind. How can you use a computer that is made by humans to understand a human being in totality? So you cannot use your mind to know the creator of the mind.

If you turn around and look within you, there is only one god. And that is ‘you’. That god is ever silent. He does not think. He does not react. The only thing he does is ‘witness’.


What should you ask from your guru?

Right now, you are a bunch of thoughts. You are full of garbage in your mind. At this time, it is not easy to knock you down. It is really difficult to make you realize who you really are. At this moment, even if god comes in front you, you will challenge him. You are full of logic at this moment.

Your guru can help you but it entirely depends upon you whether you want to wake up or not.


Next time you remember your guru, pray him to come and punch hard on your face. Ask him to punch you again and again until your face is completely covered with blood. You are not just blood and flesh anyways, so it is perfectly fine. Otherwise there is no hope. Right now, you are completely asleep, and dreaming shitty stuff.

If you ever got a chance to meet your guru, you are definitely very lucky. But when you see him, don’t seek blessings from him. Don’t try to bow down and touch his feet. It is not going to help you, really. Rather ask him to kick hard right at your chest with his feet. Just like how Ramakrishna kicked swami Vivekananda on his chest to wake him up. Only then, you will realize who you really are. Otherwise, no other ways can still your mind.



Life is blissful not painful

Life is indeed painful. No matter how beautiful/handsome you are. No matter how educated you are. No matter how powerful you are. You are bound for misery.

In the material mode or ignorance mode, misery is guaranteed. Because to experience light, you must experience darkness. To experience the quality of being happy, you must go through misery. In the material world, pain and pleasure come in cycle one after another. It is your ignorance to think that you will become a happy person if you have money, power, and fame.


But there is a way to get out of this painful cycle. You just need to switch your life from ignorance to knowledge mode. In the knowledge mode, life is blissful not painful.

Knowledge is extremely powerful. One knowledge of the truth can break all of your karma that you have gathered from your many past lives.

You are the owner of your body. You are the owner of your mind too. You are completely separate from your body and mind. Who are you?

Who is reading this right now? Who is aware that you are reading this right now? Find that knower. You will become blissful right now. No need to do yoga for many years. No need to chant mantras forever. Right now, you are not free only because you believe that you are not free. In reality, you are free — this is true knowledge. Just behold this truth and you can be free, right now.



Krishna is within you

Relax! Empty your thoughts! And close your eyes! What do you see? Darkness, right? And what do you hear? Silence, right? If this is true, you have found Krishna.


But you don’t believe it. That is the problem. Because you have been told, from your very childhood, that Krishna is a godly person residing up somewhere in Baikuntha. Nobody told you the truth. Everybody told you the story. Nobody told you that you just need to close your eyes to have a darshan of Krishna. Nobody told you that Krishna is within you.

Krishna is darkness. He is the silence. This is knowledge. This knowledge is the nectar of Vedas, Gita, and all other scriptures.

Krishna is darkness but you are afraid of the darkness. That is the problem. Krishna is silence but you are afraid of the silence. That is the problem. In this condition, there is not even a remote chance of getting his darshan. Go to the most famous temple of Krishna, but you still won’t find him.

If you want to meet Krishna, you must be willing to embrace the darkness. You must be willing to shake hands with the silence. You must be willing to be a vacuum — empty of thoughts, emotions, and everything. The moment you become like this, Krishna will reveal. You will experience an immense joy coming out from nowhere. It is the bliss coming from Krishna directly, also called paramananda.

May you be filled with Krishna’s bliss, right now! Happy Krishna Janmasthami!