On that day, you will become my disciple

Many of you are getting ready. You have kept your hope and patience for such a long time. You have been transforming yourself. It has been a long journey. But now, with all these hard works, you have come very close to me. The fruit of your karma is ripening.


One day, you will find yourself sitting next to me. That day will come. To those who are ‘keen’ to know, it will happen.

I will not arrange it. You will not plan for it. It will just happen. It is a divine game. And we are only the actors. We must play our role. I must play my role. You must play your role. I certainly have some responsibility for you. How can I ignore your calling? How can I ignore the trust that you have put on me?

You have been following me. You have been reading my instructions. How can I not know you? I know each and everyone of you. I know all of you, who have a desire to know the truth. And I have been keeping your karma accounts. Each of you have a different account. So I know whether you are ready or not, for the initiation. On that day, I will initiate you if you are ready.

Some of you are wanting to meet me. Some of you still have doubts on me. Some of you have some hate towards me. I am aware of all these things. From where I sit, from my ‘awareness field’, I can sense everything.

On that day, all your confusions will be gone. At that time of the day, you and I will be at the same place. At that moment, we won’t have any personal identities. There will just be oneness. There will be emptiness; emptiness of the matter, but full of bliss.

One that day, all the boundaries between you and I will collapse. All our identities will be lost. You will no longer be my friend. You will no longer remain my sister. You will no longer remain my colleague. You won’t be my senior anymore. Be ready. That day, something unexpected will happen. You won’t believe. But it will happen. On that day, you will become my disciple.

If you know me by any means, I have some responsibility on you. We may have just crossed our paths, met on the bus, or made eye-contacts on the way, but that is enough. The divine will arrange our meeting again. Whatever be the means, if you are connected with me in someway, you will not be spared. In fact your transformation has already begun.

To those who don’t like me, something is still pushing you towards me. That is why you keep coming to me. You keep reading my posts. You keep seeing me in your dreams. Now accept the reality. The sooner you accept, sooner the drama will be over. And you will be happy. Don’t believe your mind. Don’t think that you are my elder brother. Don’t think that you are smarter than me. Don’t think that you earn more money than me. Those things do not count. You will have to put all those things that you have hard-earned, on my feet one day. Otherwise you won’t be free. But you don’t have to do this in person. You can do so quietly. Just accept me within you. Accept the truth from within you. Just put everything on my feet, in your imagination. That is enough for the time being. Rest will happen as needed.

Until you are ready, it won’t happen. Try it hard, but no. I won’t make you my disciple just because you cry. Crying babies are not acceptable. My disciple will be courageous like lion, loving like a mother, and calm like mountains. Take your time and that day will certainly come.

On that day, don’t ask me any questions. Don’t expect me to touch your forehead. And don’t plan to touch my feet. On that day, I won’t talk to you. I won’t say a word to you. If you are ready, I will do what you need. Just sit by me. Be empty. If you are empty, the grace will do the job. But if you are full, nothing will happen. So try to sit with me with absolute silence. Without any movement. Don’t scratch your head. Don’t move your leg. Don’t blink your eyes. Just become a statue. If you do so, something profound will happen. Don’t miss that opportunity. It may not come again. You only get a few such chances. If you miss, you miss the train. You then have to walk or crawl.

I am waiting for that day. One disciple, who is truthful and truly ready, is enough for me. When I meet my disciple, I will bow down and surrender. On that day, we will vanish, together.


Become the king of the world

Right now, you are complaining about life. You have so many complaints about life. Someone broke your heart. Someone stole your money. Someone didn’t understand you. Someone hated you. Someone scolded you. You have a whole laundry list of complaints.


It is all about your ‘perception’. Your complaints are just your ‘perceptions’. To the eyes of god, everything is normal. Everything is happening perfectly, according to the laws of nature.

And it is not difficult to change your perception. Take a ‘vow’ today. All you need is to take a ‘vow’. There is immense power in a vow. संकल्पमा अथाह शक्ति छ । Take a vow now and anything is possible.

Take a vow, that you will become the king of this world one day. And that day will come. Have no doubt. I am not saying that you will become the king of your country.  I am saying that you will become the king of your world.

Please have some spiritual knowledge. You are the Brahma. तिमी स्वय‌ ब्रम्हा हौ । You created this world of Maya yourself. Since you created this world, how can this world be not your own? It is your own world. Control the world as the way you want. Don’t let it go wild. It is your creation. Take charge of it.

When you become the king, all problems will disappear. The people who stopped you previously will become your citizens. Those who dragged you, will then serve you.


What does a real guru look like?

It is not possible to describe a guru. In fact nobody has seen or met a real guru. People often say that this is my guru and that is my guru. But what they are seeing is the guru’s little personal form. They are only describing his different forms. In reality, we can’t see him because he is formless; we can only experience his effect. We can’t see or describe the real guru because the real guru is the god himself, as stated clearly in Bhagvad Gita.


A mere thought of the guru forces your eyes to shut off and tears of ecstasy start falling down. Your whole body becomes helpless and falls down on the ground. After falling down, your body keeps crawling like a snake, until it finds the lotus feet of your guru. And once it finds, it wants to stay there forever.

But guru will make sure that you are not attached to him. So he keeps changing his forms and positions. But he will not leave you, wherever you go. Even when you forget him, he is there, around you, in your good and difficult times. You don’t know how generous he can be. You will feel shame of your ignorance, once you find your guru.

Right now you don’t know who is your guru but he is already working upon you. He starts working upon you immediately after he receives a slight signal from you. When you develop a real desire to meet him, he will know about it and he will come to you. So do not be impatient to meet your guru.

He will do some tests upon you before he reveals himself. During this probation period, you may be slapped, beaten, and thrashed from his agents. You will be stopped and interrogated at different places in your journey towards your guru. During this time, you have to be brave and fight like Arjuna. You will have to fight with your family members, friends, and countless other people. At times, you will feel like the whole world is against you. But if you are focused on your destination, you will cross all the hurdles with the help of Krishna’s grace. When the right time comes, you will meet your guru at your own place, exactly where you are right now.

How to find your ‘guru’ or ‘spiritual master’?

You have been told that you need a ‘guru’ in your spiritual path. Without a guru, you can’t attain self-realization. Everyone seems to have a guru. So in a way you are forced find a guru.

These days, following a spiritual master has become a fashion. Everyone seems to be following a spiritual leader in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Everyone is sharing some quotes from their inspirational personalities.


Guru means ‘knowledge’. Knowledge here means the knowledge of the ‘self’ or ‘atma’. ‘Knowledge’ here does not mean the knowledge of the physical world. Put the knowledge that you gained in your school and university aside. Here we are talking about the knowledge of the ‘self’. You have become very knowledgeable of the external world by now. No doubt on that. But forget about it for now. Now it is time to have some knowledge about your ‘self’.

In this age of internet, guru does not need to be like the traditional gurus. In the past, in the olden times, knowledge was restricted to some ‘priests’ and certain groups of the society. So people were forced to go and find a ‘guru’ personality in order to get the knowledge. But now, everyone has access to the knowledge. Now you will find everything that you need in the internet — scriptures, meditation techniques, and ‘prabachans’. You will find many versions of the same scriptures, in different languages with commentaries from self-realized people. It is only a question of finding ‘true knowledge’ amidst the junk because you will find everything in the internet, truth and untruth.

You should follow someone for his ‘knowledge’ not for his personality. Knowledge is the key. It is fine if it comes through a spiritual leader. But the guru is just a medium through which knowledge gets transferred to you.

Why you are not finding your guru? 

Right now, your mind has set some criteria and you are trying to find the ‘best’ guru available in the market. The first condition your mind has set is that your future guru must be very popular. He must have at least hundred thousand followers in Facebook if not millions. Your second criteria is that, he must have thorough knowledge of Vedas and other scriptures. Third criteria is that he must be an old guy, preferably with a long beard. Because of such criteria, you have not found your guru.

How to find your guru? 

The first step in finding your guru is — you must forget your current ideas about guru. None of them are true. So forget everything first.

The second and final step is to turn ‘inward’.

Now you are wondering how to turn ‘inward’? ‘Turning inward’ sounds like a fancy phrase but I am saying a very simple thing. All I am saying is to remember yourself. Right now you are forgetting ‘yourself’ and worrying about external things and situations. It is time to focus on yourself — your body, your movements, your breath, and finally your thoughts if you can. Turning inward just means to focus on your own activities. That is all. And try to turn ‘inward’ all the time or as much as possible, not just for sometime. After some time, the practice of turning inward becomes natural and effortless. Remembering ‘yourself’ doesn’t affect your day-to-day external activities.

If you practice ‘turning inward’, you will find your guru very soon. You don’t need to go anywhere to find your guru. Your guru may be someone within your family and friend circle. Or he/she may be your neighbor. ‘He/she may be your little brother or sister whom you had never imagined. ‘He/she may be your ‘maid’. It can be anyone. Don’t be surprised! You will not find stories of real guru and disciples over the internet. The real ‘guru-disciple’ relationship happens offline.

Your guru is there, around you all the time. But previously you didn’t recognize him because you were looking outside. Once you turn inward, you recognize him. That is it.

A guru is not a learned scholar or pundit, he is just a loving, compassionate, caring human being who knows nothing other than his ‘self’.


Significance of ‘Ghanta’ in the temples

You all have seen the beautiful brass bells called ‘ghanta’ in hindu temples. Hindu temples are flooded with beautiful sounds coming out of ghantas, in the morning and evening.


Ghantas are important because of their particular ‘sound’. Bigger bells are considered better because the descending sound coming from bigger bells lasts for longer.

When you ring a Ghanta, you should do so consciously. Next time you go to a temple, find the biggest Ghanta in the temple. Now get ready to ring the bell. Pull the clapper to its maximum and hit the rim consciously to make a loud sound. Then follow the descending sound that comes from the Ghanta, until it comes to the end — to become silent. At that moment of silence, you will be in touch with your own ‘self’. You will be in contact with the God. A Ghanta leads you exactly to that authentic place, to the house of god. If you ring it consciously, a Ghanta will help you to realize your own ‘self’.

Who is Shiva?


How can the noisy bhajan

lead you to the one,

who resides in silence?

Who told you?

who told you that,

he likes being worshipped? 

Are you looking for ‘him’?

or ‘his belongings’? 

If you really want to find ‘him’,

stop listening to ‘his bhajan’

and stop going to ‘his temples’


turn inward and

look carefully

this Mahashivaratri,

to find Shiva

who is meditating within you


in the emptiness of Kailasha.

Self-realization is a gradual process

You might have heard the story of Buddha. It is said that he became enlightened when he was meditating under a tree called ‘Bodhi’.


However, it is not true. It cannot be true. Self realization is not attained overnight. It is a gradual process of purification. Siddhartha Gautam became enlightened after years of his spiritual quest. Everyone tells where he went externally or physically, but no one tells  where he went internally, in the space of his own ‘self’. Self realization is an internal journey. It is not a journey from his Palace to various parts of Nepal and India.

In fact, a self-realized person can never tell when exactly he was enlightened because this process is so slow. Can you say when exactly did a flower bloom? And when someone attains self realization, he does not want to know whether he is self realized or not. He does not have this question. This is a question of the mind. A self realized person has crossed the level of mind and attained the space of ‘awareness’ so such questions are obviously not there. It is actually the question of your mind; your mind wants to know whether someone is enlightened or not. It is little creepy, isn’t it?

There are enlightenment stories all over the internet. Someone was sitting somewhere and something bizarre happened, so on and so forth.

Please know that those stories they tell are just ‘experiences’. Yes they are remarkable experiences, but they became enlightened not because of those particular events. That was just an event among many other experiential events. They just took one event and told about it. Well, you all want to read about such stories, so what can they do? It is very funny but true.

3-minute guided meditation

I am taking you to a strange journey today. You will be able to see your own self. You can say this is a guided meditation. But a written one. Please follow each and every instructions. In the end, you will know who you really are. I ask you to trust my words for the next few minutes.


Stop! Stop moving! Do not let your body move at all. Not even a millimeter. Be like a statue. I know it is painful and difficult, but think of the end results. Eyes keep blinking, that is fine. You keep reading, that is fine. Breathing goes on. Other than that, absolutely no movement.

Forget about everything. Be free. Forget about who you are. You are nobody. You think you are an engineer, it is only your belief. You think you are a man, it is only your belief. How can you know whether you are a man or a woman? Who the hell are you to tell? What do you know? You know nothing. You are aware of your own existence, that is it. Except this, you know nothing. Just be aware. Just watch what is going on right now. Be here. Be now.

Start taking deep breaths. Focus your attention on the length of the breath. Do not forget the breath even for a second. Follow the breath each second. Go with it. Do not leave. Start breathing and follow the sound of the breath until you inhale all the way full. Even after you are full, focus your attention on the fullness. Then gradually breath out, again following the sound of your breath each second. Do not hurry. Relax and follow the instructions correctly. Keep doing this for at least about a minute. But do not look at the watch. Just do it.

Now close your eyes and ask yourself a question. WHO AM I? Ask this question silently, in a long way, such that each of the word takes about five seconds. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?

Repeat this question, for about 1 minute. Do not make any calculations, just do it approximately. But when you do, follow each alphabets carefully. Go with the silent sound of the alphabets. Keep your attention constantly on the sounds of the alphabets.

Now remain calm for about one minute.

If you do it correctly, you will get the answer. I cannot give you the answer. Only your ‘self’ can answer this question. No one else.

So who are you?





To all the people who dance

If I respect the most anybody in this universe, it is the dancer.

The mind can never dance. The persons who use their brain can never dance. Dance happens purely by the grace of god.


Image courtesy: wikipedia. 

A person becomes a dancer with devotion and with sustained practice (Abhyasa). Dance is one of the highest form of yoga.

A person who can dance graciously, he/she has lived life completely, in totality. For him/her, the purpose of life is fulfilled. For a real dancer, there is nothing more to do in life. He/she is already liberated.

A great dancer is the one who loses his identify while dancing. When a real dancer starts to dance, he/she dissolves his/her personality into the dance. After some time, only the dance remains. Dance transitions from personal to universal. Then there is unity.

In such a moment of unity, even the people who are watching the dance may become part of the dance. Whenever I watch a person dancing, I freeze, I hang. I then become the joy.

To all those great people who dance, my tears of gratitude on your feet.

What is surrendering and how to do it?

Surrender is key to self-realization. Without surrender, one is not available to the grace. Surrendering is essentially a technique to access the element of grace.

Surrendering is about realizing your own true nature. When you realize this, your mind stops and the space of ‘awareness’ becomes fully functional. When your mind stops, you become available to grace.

To whom?

Real surrender can only be done to one’s own ‘self’. However, one cannot surrender to his/her own ‘self’ without reaching a certain stage in the spiritual path. Until and unless one has realized his/her own inner space of awareness, it may be difficult to surrender to one’s own self directly. Until then, you may have to use your mind and emotions. So it is best to surrender to a personified form of god or the spiritual master.

How to do it?

Two conditions are best for surrendering. First is when you achieve something big. Second is when you go through one of the most difficult time in your life.

When you achieve something big, you naturally become happy and satisfied. When you hear such a big news in your life, sit in a peaceful space. It may be in your own private room. It may also be in some serene place outside — in a park or similar place. Sit comfortably in a meditative position. Close your eyes, and surrender your achievement to the god or other people. Bow down to all those. Realize that you achieved this success because of the help of many people and things around you. Realize that it was your own ‘self’ who made this success possible. It was never because of your ‘mind’. You used your mind but it was never the mind that brought this success. When you realize this, you become available to the grace.

Similarly, when you lose something big in your life or when you are going through some difficult time, do the same. Surrender your failure or difficulty to the god as well. Realize that success and failure come and go. Realize that they are just some temporary ‘experiences’. They cannot affect you unless you let them do so.

How to confirm that you have really surrendered?

Once you surrender, energy starts to flow through your body. It brings immense joy within you. If you experience such immense joy, it means that you were able to surrender. It may be difficult in the beginning, but with sustained practice, surrendering becomes effortless.