When silence speaks


You listened to me never

When I spoke. 

But because I respect you,


I have stopped talking. 

“I won the battle”

that is what you think

truth is different. 

Indeed I left your house

through the front door


while you were busy

shouting at me

 I had circled

your house already

and entered


through the back door

Now I speak to you,

with even more vigor.

You won’t see me now.

You won’t scold me. 

There will be no fight 


now I speak to you

from within you

through a different language

so as not to bother you

the language of silence. 





The one who rules the house

Maids are usually,

the ruled ones,

But she is different.

She is unruly.

She is unmoved,

by the scolds of the househead,

She is undeformed,

by the beating of her landlady, 

But still she is given a lot,

which stops her to run away,

She is given,

all the guilt of the house,

Who else would accept the faults?

all the sufferings of the house,

Who else would mop and cook?

but she receives them all,

and dissolves gracefully,

that is why,

There are no problems in the house,

The only problem

is her smile

Which troubles everyone else

She keeps silent.

but her bruised body

speaks to them,

day and night,

and pacifies

the troubled minds.

everyone else is the ruler

except her

but the one who rules the house,

is different

and nobody knows,

who she is. 


Blindfolded, let it happen this Valentine’s day



Remain unmoved,

move not even an inch,

and keep a distance

so that love can flow,

On this special day,

of Valentine,

Please remain,



you will judge my face

and the fun will be gone.

Remain as you are,


let the force of my love,

strip you off,

drag you without mercy,

and take you there,

where you belong.

Let it happen.

Forget our relationship,

that has limits,

Forget the people around

who only give you timids,

Let it happen today,

Let it be that day

of dissolution,

for which you came,

on this Earth. 



Who are you?

I have only heard of you 

from a few people,

They say that you are nice

They say that you are caring

But I have never met you,

But still,

you seem to be my best friend

I don’t know when and how

did this happen,

I don’t know

from where exactly

you came in my life,

When I am in distress,

Suddenly I remember you

and the stress disappears.

I get presents from someone else

but I become thankful to you,

When everyone goes, you come!

I know exactly,

where you live, and work

and at times, I feel like

I should go and meet you

so that my confusions will be over

But something stops me

and says, do not go!

I don’t know what to do,

Should I wait for you? 


Until you come to see me? 

Answer please,

if you ever read this.



My head be always on your feet


There are many,

who are more beautiful than you,

There are plenty,

who are more seductive than you,

but why is it you?

your feet in particular?

What are your feet made of?

Why are they so attractive?

Even a mere imagination of your feet

brings tears of joy in me


How would it feel to touch them? 

Will I have the privilege,

in this life or ever,

to dust-off your lotus feet? 

Okay! I undersand!

that I don’t deserve all this yet,

I don’t deserve to be

on the top of your feet.

but am I not eligible?

to be one of your shoes 

so that I am always

below you

and at your service

I know that,

it is not possible


Can we please try it once? 

can you please be merciless,

and crush my head

under your feet,

hard-enough and long-enough,

so that my head becomes 

your shoes? 

Turn inward

If you ever feel that

you are deprived of love

turn inward right now

there is an ocean of love. 

If you feel insecure,

about the future, in your mind,

be assured that

you are fully secure

in your heart.

If you feel fearful and

your heart is beating faster,

please know that

fear is not real

 it is just a thought.




Hurricane and the mind

A Hurricane reacts to the sun

The mind reacts to the situations

A hurricane heads to a low pressure zone

The mind heads to material sensory objects

The hurricane destroys everything on its path

The mind destroys everything on its wrath

The hurricane disappears 

as soon as it reaches the low pressure zone

The mind disappears 

as soon as its desires are fulfilled

In reality,

neither the hurricane

nor the mind

really exist. 

If the water had patience

it would not react to the sun

The sun would gracefully lift it up

change it to clouds and let it fall down

Everything would be so smooth

Until it reached the ocean

to be lifted again. 

If ‘you’ have the patience,

The grace will suck

the desires of the mind

Until the desires return 

to the place of their origin

and vanish altogether

somewhere deep in silence

in your consciousness. 





To all the good people out there

To all the good people out there

Who never drank alcohol

to appear good,

To all the spiritual people

who became vegetarian

to please god,

I want to tell you that

you are neither good

nor spiritual.

If you are

not drinking alcohol in ‘denial’,


If you are

not eating meat in ‘denial’,

How have you lived?

‘Denial’ cannot make you good

Neither it can lead you to god

Only ‘acceptance’ can. 


If I were to meet the most beautiful and the ugliest woman

If I were to meet two persons

One, the most beautiful woman

in the entire universe,

and another,

the ugliest woman,

I would ask the most beautiful

to put her both feet

on my chest and press hard

until I wake up

from the dream of lust,

and until my heartbeat becomes

steady and calm.

And to the ugliest one,

I would ask,

to let me touch

the sole of her feet

with my forehead,

until my soul becomes


with that of her.

Please let her spit on my face

If I ever tried to be good 

in front of my villagers

please provoke them

to punch me hard

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to teach my parents

let them slap me hard

so that I fall unto their feet

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to argue with my boss

please ask him to fire me immediately

so that I remember who I am

If I ever tried to be smart 

in front of my friend

please let him unfriend me immediately

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to insult my spouse

Let her forsake me

so that I remember who I am. 

If I I ever tried to order my daughter

let her spit on my face

so that I remember who I am. 


Note: Inspired by Akka Mahadevi’s poem