Turn inward

If you ever feel that

you are deprived of love

turn inward right now

there is an ocean of love. 

If you feel insecure,

about the future, in your mind,

be assured that

you are fully secure

in your heart.

If you feel fearful and

your heart is beating faster,

please know that

fear is not real

 it is just a thought.





Hurricane and the mind

A Hurricane reacts to the sun

The mind reacts to the situations

A hurricane heads to a low pressure zone

The mind heads to material sensory objects

The hurricane destroys everything on its path

The mind destroys everything on its wrath

The hurricane disappears 

as soon as it reaches the low pressure zone

The mind disappears 

as soon as its desires are fulfilled

In reality,

neither the hurricane

nor the mind

really exist. 

If the water had patience

it would not react to the sun

The sun would gracefully lift it up

change it to clouds and let it fall down

Everything would be so smooth

Until it reached the ocean

to be lifted again. 

If ‘you’ have the patience,

The grace will suck

the desires of the mind

Until the desires return 

to the place of their origin

and vanish altogether

somewhere deep in silence

in your consciousness. 





To all the good people out there

To all the good people out there

Who never drank alcohol

to appear good,

To all the spiritual people

who became vegetarian

to please god,

I want to tell you that

you are neither good

nor spiritual.

If you are

not drinking alcohol in ‘denial’,


If you are

not eating meat in ‘denial’,

How have you lived?

‘Denial’ cannot make you good

Neither it can lead you to god

Only ‘acceptance’ can. 


If I were to meet the most beautiful and the ugliest woman

If I were to meet two persons

One, the most beautiful woman

in the entire universe,

and another,

the ugliest woman,

I would ask the most beautiful

to put her both feet

on my chest and press hard

until I wake up

from the dream of lust,

and until my heartbeat becomes

steady and calm.

And to the ugliest one,

I would ask,

to let me touch

the sole of her feet

with my forehead,

until my soul becomes


with that of her.

Please let her spit on my face

If I ever tried to be good 

in front of my villagers

please provoke them

to punch me hard

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to teach my parents

let them slap me hard

so that I fall unto their feet

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to argue with my boss

please ask him to fire me immediately

so that I remember who I am

If I ever tried to be smart 

in front of my friend

please let him unfriend me immediately

so that I remember who I am.

If I ever tried to insult my spouse

Let her forsake me

so that I remember who I am. 

If I I ever tried to order my daughter

let her spit on my face

so that I remember who I am. 


Note: Inspired by Akka Mahadevi’s poem

Her beauty? I fell upon her feet


Often she appeared

ugly and dirty

like the deities in the temples


Often I advised her,

to take shower, 

to take care of

personal hygiene.

Ignorant she looked

Often I taught her

how to spell right

and unmodern she was

Often I advised

to dress up fashion

The only thing attractive

She seemed to have

was a seductive body

Which I tried to ride

I molested her huge 

although in my mind. 


Once I removed 

my spectacles 

I realized

She had many forms

ugly, beautiful, fierce, crazy, 

you name it 

And she was so clean 

I could see through her

Her knowledge?

Mine was a speck of dust. 

Her beauty? 

I fell upon her feet. 

Yes! she was a Devi

in the form of a person

right in my home. 


An extremely joyful journey

There was darkness

only darkness,

darkness everywhere.

Suddenly I thought

It is boring

Then I found a torch light – my body

I switched the torch light on

with my will power

Then a huge universe emerged

It looked vastly fascinating

and exciting

I liked it very much

and started enjoying it

I continued enjoying it

for about 30 years

But then I started feeling


as I went further

I started feeling some pain

I realized that

I was tied to

an elastic rope of consciousness

The pain increased as I moved further away

the rope is now weathered and feeble

If I move further away, the rope will surely break

At times I feel that

I can buy another rope

in the form of another life

and continue exploring

but the pain seems to ever increase

as if it is being transferred

from one rope to another

So I have decided to stop

As I stopped

I realized that

The rope itself was pulling me in

towards the center

There seems no effort

needed in going back

I am now being continuously pulled in

by the force of grace

towards the darkness

Just like the gravity pulls

its parts towards itself

An extremely joyful journey

The joy of returning home.