Why mountains attract you?

Until you are enjoying the worldly life, you don’t remember mountains. Until then, if someone talks about mountains, you find him/her boring. You only enjoy talking about parties, dating, money-making, music, sports, and dogs. Who cares about the forest and the Himalayas when you still can mingle?

Sacred Mt. Machhapuchhre

All Hindu scriptures mention Himalayas in some way. Shiva resides in the Himalayas. Many sages or ऋषिमुनि performed hard penances (तपस्या) in the Himalayas. When someone becomes spiritual, he has the tendency to go to the Himalayas. Once you become spiritual, suddenly, mountains look attractive. But what attracts? What is there in the Himalayas or mountains that attracts all spiritual beings?

Mountains are beautiful because of their magnificence. They attract you because of their silence. No matter what happens, they remain unmoved. They are always peaceful. They welcome rain and convert it into snow with grace. Snow makes them beautiful. Snow is their ornament. Without snow, they look dead. But they are not attached to their ornament, like you are. They let the rays of sun hit the snow. They let the snow melt.

They are not attached to anything. You will be sad if you lose your diamond ring, but they won’t be. They always remain as witness. They stand tall and never fall. They don’t change. They are there. They exist. Your grandfather did, you will, and your children will die one day. But the mountains will be there. They remain. They exist. In fact, they are the ones who are actually living. With garbage in your head, I don’t think you are living right now.

But, if you look within, and truly understand your nature which is beyond your mind, you are also like mountains. Your true nature is very close to that of mountains. Your true being is not attached to the material world. Your true being is also a witness, it watches as things come and go in life. You are peaceful and strong inside, just like them. As the ‘awareness’, you also live continuously. As a soul, you never die.

That is the reason why mountains attract you.

So, yes, the mountains are calling and you must go. Go and hug those giant mountains. Remain in their presence for some time. Bow down and surrender in front of them. Mountains will show you your own true nature. They will tell you that you are no different than them. They will show you the mountains within you. Go, close your eyes and realize your true nature.




Wake up! And come out!

You have been completely attached to your own little world. Some of you are stuck in home, office and coffee. Others are stuck in dating, beers, and movies. But real life is outside, of all these things. Right now, you are totally unaware of the nature of life.


Unplug your ears! How long can you avoid the world around you? How long can you ignore the truth? However good the music be, it is a virtual world. It is not real. Unplug your ear and become aware of your surrounding. There is a tremendous happening going on around you. Be aware of them. Birds, people, weather, sun, moon, a lot of things. Listen to the music of the winds, music of the water, music of your breath, and the music of your heart-beat. Just be aware, there is music everywhere.

Get out of Facebook. There is a whole new world out side of Facebook. Facebook is no more than a movie. Don’t let it captivate you. You have been in this virtual world for a long time. Don’t pretend that you are safer and happier in it. It is your mind’s jail. Break the jail and come out, the world outside is much more beautiful.

Stop watching others playing. There is no fun in it. Be a player yourself. Play, and do what you really like. Life itself is a game, a big big game. Play it with grace. Football or cricket that you watch are the games of your mind. Games transform the people who actually play, not those who watch. Stop wasting time watching.

Stop watching the movies. Stop going to those fake little worlds again and again, weekend after weekend. What is there? Nothing. It is all fake. It is all drama. Don’t let someone’s imaginary story drive you and your emotion. You are the driver of your life. Don’t give the steering of your life to someone. Take charge of it.

Somewhere inside you, you know that your little world is not real. But you don’t have the courage to come out of it. You think that you will lose your house, job, and your partner, if you come out of this little world. But this is your ignorance. You may have a university degree, but your knowledge of life has been too little. You are totally ignorant of life. You will not lose anything if you come out of your little world. In fact, you will be much more happier and blissful.

Wake up! Take a step today in the path of happiness and bliss. Start living real life. You will get support from the entire universe.

Allow! Do not resist!

Allow! Become hollow! Let everything pass through you. Do not resist! Resistance creates stress. The stress then shatters you.


Allow yourself to work until your body gets exhausted. Work until you identify the untiring one who is beyond the body.

Allow yourself to cry as much as you want. Cry until you become aware of the poor person who is crying.

Allow your friend to hate you. Allow them not talk to you until you start to talk to your self.

Allow your colleagues to comment you. Allow the comments until you are able to digest them gracefully.

Allow people to isolate you. Remain isolated until you find the company of your own self.

Allow your loved ones to slap you. Allow them to punch you until you discover the bliss that resides next to the pain.

To the one who allows, the entire universe comes for help. Allow everything, anything, anytime, and anyone. When you allow, grace enters and miracles happen.


Become the king of the world

Right now, you are complaining about life. You have so many complaints about life. Someone broke your heart. Someone stole your money. Someone didn’t understand you. Someone hated you. Someone scolded you. You have a whole laundry list of complaints.


It is all about your ‘perception’. Your complaints are just your ‘perceptions’. To the eyes of god, everything is normal. Everything is happening perfectly, according to the laws of nature.

And it is not difficult to change your perception. Take a ‘vow’ today. All you need is to take a ‘vow’. There is immense power in a vow. संकल्पमा अथाह शक्ति छ । Take a vow now and anything is possible.

Take a vow, that you will become the king of this world one day. And that day will come. Have no doubt. I am not saying that you will become the king of your country.  I am saying that you will become the king of your world.

Please have some spiritual knowledge. You are the Brahma. तिमी स्वय‌ ब्रम्हा हौ । You created this world of Maya yourself. Since you created this world, how can this world be not your own? It is your own world. Control the world as the way you want. Don’t let it go wild. It is your creation. Take charge of it.

When you become the king, all problems will disappear. The people who stopped you previously will become your citizens. Those who dragged you, will then serve you.


Why I am excited to die

Everyone seems to be fearful of death. Nobody really knows how the death will look like, but still, people fear for it. I don’t understand why. I don’t know why people want to live forever.


To me, death seems to be an extreme adventure. I am totally excited to experience this one-time life event.

What will be the experience at the time of death?

It is not difficult to know what will be the experience at the time of death. Lets use our common sense. When you find a cockroach or a spider crawling on your shoulder, what happens? Two things will happen. One, your ‘awareness’ will suddenly ascend to a higher level. You will get some ‘chills’ on your body and you will be more aware of what is happening around. The high awareness will then try to subside the mind. But depending upon the condition of your mind, your mind will still go on and it will become fearful. For a yogi, who has complete control on his mind, there is no fear. He will feel more blissful as his ‘awareness’ level goes up.

Similarly, when you see a snake when you are walking, same thing will happen. So it is not difficult to imagine what will happen at the time of death.

Your mind will react differently, depending upon your knowledge of the self, at the time of the death. Most people will feel fearful at the moment of death because they are not prepared for it. If one is prepared, death could be ‘blissful’ not fearful.

I don’t know how much prepared you are for death, but for me I am very well prepared.  At the time of death, I don’t think that I will die. How can I die? I will be there to witness this exciting event. My body may become fragile and may even collapse. But at that moment, my awareness level will go higher, and, I, as ‘awareness’, will experience the whole thing that will unfold. I will witness it all.

It is very exciting. The so called death is going to be an exciting experience. I am waiting for that day. I am totally excited for this adventure. It should be much more adventurous than bungee-jumping.

How to remove stress from your life?

Stress is perhaps the greatest enemy of human beings right now. Everyone seems to be fighting with ‘stress’ at some time of the day. It is said that, stress is the cause of most of the gastrointestinal diseases. So today I will tell you a simple way to deal with ‘STRESS’.

Lets start.


So you want to remove stress from your life right? Remember, removing things is not difficult, making things is. So first be sure about it — that you want to remove stress from your whole life. Once it is removed, it is gone. You can’t recover it again, even with the best software available in the market. So please be confident about it first.

Okay! If you are sure about it, lets begin.

I have a technique to remove the stress all at once, but lets wait. There is no hurry. Lets do it one by one. Lets do it slowly and carefully. Anything done in hurry is not good. We should be patient always. Whether it be drinking a cup of tea, or making the most important decision of our life, we have to do it slowly and carefully.

Lets begin. But lets begin from the end. I like to do things in slightly different ways. I enjoy going against the societal norms. I like breaking the boundaries. I like freedom. I am sure you do too.

So lets remove the last letter ‘S’ first.

Done. That is great. We just removed 16.66% stress from your life. Wondering about the percentage? It is just 1/6*100. Simple math.

Remember, there is one more ‘S’, the second letter from the end. You might be wondering, we already removed the letter ‘S’, why do we need to remove it again?

I understand your concern. But we must do it again. Remember, it is not the same ‘S’ that we removed previously, it just appears so. In life, problems will come in different forms at different times. We have to remove them again and again, until they stop to come.

Now the letters ‘SS’ are gone, only thing left is: STRE. So what is this ‘STRE’? Have you heard about this word? I have never heard about it. Please look at the dictionary, you will not find anything like this word. It does not exist.

So why are you worrying about the word that do not exist. Since it does not exist, we don’t have to remove it.

See, it is so simple. STRESS is now gone. It is no longer there. You were worrying about such a little problem. STRESS is just a temporary visitor. It can’t affect you unless you allow. If it comes again, do the same. After some time, it will be gone forever.







Today I am freed

Today I am freed. Today I have broken all the chains. Today I have come out of the jail.

I was chained in my thoughts. But today I am free. Today is my day of resurrection.

Today I have no limitations. Today I can achieve whatever I want. Today I am completely free. Today I have realized that my body and mind have limitations but ‘I’ have no limitations.


Today I have no fear. Today I have realized that I am deathless. Today I have recognized the courage within me. Today I can do whatever I want.

Today I am clear. Today I have no confusions. And no sufferings. I have no complaints whatsoever. I see not a single problem today. Everything looks perfect in god’s creation.

Today, I live at the moment. Past was in the mind. Future was in the mind. Today, there is now and here only.

Today I am free. All I have is love and joy in my heart. The only desire left is the desire to free others from their sufferings.

Today I have realized that I am the bliss. That I am the eternal awareness.

Why avoid eye contact?

In the western culture, it is a general practice to make eye contact while talking with each other. However, eastern culture is different. In fact it is just the opposite. People do not make eye contact while talking. Even if they do, they do so briefly.


From ancient times, eastern culture has emphasized on practicing ‘gratitude’. When you feel ‘respect’ for a person, you naturally tend to bow down. Your head tends to bend forward. Your eyes will naturally look down. So when you are feeling grateful, you can no longer make eye contact.

When you are sitting with your loved ones, do you make eye contact with them? No. Sometimes, you even do not want to talk, you just want to stay with them. Isn’t it so? That is what happens when hearts start to communicate. When hearts start to communicate, every thing else becomes redundant.

There is another down side of making eye contact. When you make eye contact with someone, certain portion of the other person’s mind gets transferred to you. In other words, your mind gets entangled with that of the other person. So if the other person was disturbed, it will affect your mind negatively.

So, it is definitely not a good idea to make eye contact with every person that you pass by in the streets. Rather, your eyes should always be focused inward, towards your own being as much as possible. This practice alone can liberate you. This is the only guaranteed way to perpetual happiness.

Thank you for updating your profile picture

Dear friend,

Thank you for updating the profile picture in Facebook. The picture is really nice. It must have been taken by a professional photographer.

Image result for profile picture facebook

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was looking for ‘you’ in the picture. I looked at the picture for a long time, but still couldn’t see you.

Your body was there. Your belongings were there. But you were not there in the picture. There were everything, except you. Where were ‘you’, while taking the picture?

Next time, I hope I will be able to find you in the picture.



It is okay to be bad

If you talk too much but you still respect the person who keeps quiet, it is okay.

If you are lazy but you still respect a laborer, it is okay.

If you are not beautiful but you still respect the beauty, it is okay.

If you are bad, but if you still respect the good, it is okay.

It is the attitude that matters, not the activities that you do.