Why you are a criminal

I am sorry but I have to say this to you today — that you are a criminal. Yes, you, the person who is reading this post right now, is a criminal. I know it hurts to your ego (mind) but it is true. What can I do?

You should be put in the jail without any delay. I wish it had happened long time ago. But it is never too late to act for something good. I will ask FBI to track you down, from where you are reading this post, so that they can send you to the appropriate place.


So you want to know what was your crime? Okay I will tell you. But it is not one, you have made several crimes. Due to time limitation, I will just tell a main one for now.

Your crime is that, you killed your own ‘self’. Actually, you didn’t kill it at once. You killed it gradually, with torture. You are definitely a merciless killer. You started ignoring your ‘self’ long time ago, right after you started going to the school. Teachers taught many things and you started believing what they said. As you learned more, you stopped listening to the voice of your own ‘self’. That is why you are reading this post, isn’t it? Now you don’t believe on yourself at all, do you? Your ‘self’ has now died. It is all because of you — because of your ignorance. You are a criminal that should be sent to Guantanamo. I have never met a criminal like you.

But still there is a hope. It is never too late to realize your mistake. The real ‘self’ never dies. It just appears dead in ignorance. Ask for ‘forgiveness’ to your ‘self’ right now and it will.




The two sides of life; which side do you live in?

In life, there are only two sides that are real. On one side, there are things, I mean many things. On the other side, there is you who is watching all those things. Except these two sides, there is nothing else.

On one side there is this whole world called Maya. On the other side, there is you who is just watching.


On one side, there are several happenings. Someone is dying. Some people are fighting. There is also a volcano erupting. But on the other side, there is only you who is aware of all these things.

On one side, there are minds, minds of the people. Your mind is also there. Your mind pretends to be your friend. He keeps attracting you and visiting you. But on the other side, there is you who is watching what this cunning mind is doing all the time.

On one side, there are emotions, various emotions, of various people. Your emotions are also there. Sometime they go high, sometime they go low. But on the other side, there is you who is aware of these emotions.

On one side, there are bodies of people who are walking here and there, without any destination. Your body is there too. When it sees a rat, it runs away. But on the other side, there is you who is not running away. You are just there watching all these things.

Where are YOU?



A small test of your honesty

Have you ever donated money to a cause or to a person and did not tell anybody about it? Not even you?

Have you ever picked up a trash and thrown it in the bin when there was nobody around?

Have you ever remembered the cleaner (the person who cleans your street everyday) when you saw some trash on the sidewalk?

Have you ever done something good secretly for another person’s benefit but the person never knew about it?

Have you ever cleaned up the sink in your office when nobody was around, like you do in your home?

If you have done one of those things, you know what is a true blessing.

If not, what about doing one of those things today?

Why you feel heavy all the time

Throughout the day, he meets so many people. Just between walking from home to reaching the office, he sees so many people. Most of the time, those all people find way to his head. He carries all those people in his head. That is why his head is always down. He cannot walk freely. That is why, even though he is not so thick, he feels very heavy while walking.


Once he saw a person walking in front who was wearing a torn shirt. His mind processed a volume of information within a matter of few seconds. First his mind judged the person and said that he must be a poor guy. Then his mind thought about different types of clothes. Then it thought about going to the supermarket in the weekend. His mind went on and on, until he slipped from the sidewalk, on the curb stone. A car passing by almost hit him.

After this event, he became more alert. He stopped carrying things in his head. He became more aware of what was going around. He would now see the trees on the side of the sidewalk. He would hear the birds chirping and flying. He would notice the rhythm of the fountain in front of the building.

He was now just becoming more aware, of all these little things around. When he was aware, he did not have to carry anything at all. There was no time to stop, look back, and think about certain things. Things were happening quite fast around. Each second, the scene was changing. He had to be aware each second. There was no other way. And it seemed to be the only way of living.

You lose a moment, you lost a portion of life.

Who is that person? Is that you?


How to remain happy 24 hours

Let me ask you one thing first. Why do you want to be happy all the time? Imagine you have a happy smiley face showing all your teeth for 24 hours. Even if it is possible, you don’t want that right?

So, lets ponder for a while. What is your definition of happiness?

Right now, you think that happiness depends upon external things and situation. In such a case, to remain happy for 24 hours is certainly not possible. Currently, your happiness depends upon what you have — your money, your family, your friends and so on. In such a situation, obviously, when those things go away from your life, your happiness also fades away. Material things come and go in life. If you want to be happy all the time, you should look for that which does not change.


There is a space within you, that does not change with time and circumstances. To be happy all the time, you must find that empty space within you. You must identify the ‘Shiva’ that is residing within you. Now, don’t think about that Shiva who wears tiger skins and sits in the Himalayas. Shiva is not a person, it is a state within you. Look at Nova’s face above, it is verily the Shiva that is gazing, in nothingness.

To recognize the Shiva within you, you need little effort. You need to start living life consciously. You need to do some Sadhana. You need to practice some form of yoga. It is not difficult at all. Shiva is already within you. It is just a matter of realization.

When you become empty, there is neither happiness nor suffering. There is nothing. And that is the whole purpose of life — to realize that you are nothing.

An angry person is capable of giving enormous blessings

Energy itself is neither good nor bad. Only the way it is handled can be good or bad. We can use nuclear energy for power production. Evil minds can use the same nuclear energy for destruction.


An angry person has a lot of energy. It is just that he is expressing his/her energy through anger, in a negative way.

If you have an angry friend or an angry person in your family, try to please him/her. Don’t focus on his angry nature. Look for the divinity that lies within that angry person. There is god inside every human being. By any means, try to please the god residing within that person.

Bow down to him/her. Follow each and every orders. Cook good food. Take him/her out. If you can make that angry person really happy, blessings will shower upon you. There is no doubt.



The greatest wonder of the world

What is the greatest wonder of the world? Yudhisthira has answered this truthfully and beautifully when asked by Yaksha in Yaksha Prashnas. Yaksha Prashnas are a set of questions asked by Yaksha to Yudhisthira all of which are very interesting to read.


To the above question, Yudhisthira replied, “Day after day countless people die. Yet the living persons wish to live forever. What can be a greater wonder?”

Indeed it is the greatest wonder. We know that our life is temporary but we still want a permanent job. We fight with others over petty issues. We want to gather as much money as possible. We live as if we are immortal. Isn’t it the most-wonderful thing?

Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart!

Only a very few have the courage to follow their heart. Most people follow the crowd. They do what their friends are doing and what their parents told them to do.

There is no point in taking part in a rat race. Even if you win, you are still a rat. You can’t be the cat.

A crowd doesn’t have any plan, everything happens by accident there. If you go along the crowd, sometime, by chance, they will make you a hero. But one day, the crowd will kill you, and say that you died in the stampede.

Videos that contain the knowledge of truth are not viewed the most in youtube. If you have the tendency to watch the most-viewed videos, you will likely miss the truth.

If you want to experience life, you must have the courage to unfollow the crowd. Even if you just want to be safe, you have to come out of the crowd. You must have the courage to stand alone. Your heart is enough to guide you. There is someone who always takes care of you — by whose power you came into the existence.

Rich people are not free. To be free, they must give up what they have gathered. That is why rich people donate in charities, in exchange of freedom.

If you have huge amount of money on your head when you die, you are bound to be born again. There will be a next life waiting for you. But if you want to be free, there is a way to be free. You can be free even before you die, by escaping the vicious circle of birth and death. That way to be free is ‘yoga’.








Please stop looking for recipes online!

These days many people cook once in a while. People want to eat great dishes everyday but without cooking. And even if they cook, many of them need a recipe. Without a recipe, people cannot cook.


My grandmother didn’t search for a recipe online. But she made the best dishes. I am sure your grandmother did it too.

So is it the recipe that matters for making a great dish?

No! Even if a master-chef from a five-star hotel give you a recipe with every details, you cannot reproduce it. The secret of a recipe lies in the hands of the person who created the recipe. A recipe is a way of cooking. It cannot be written.

A recipe is created with experience and experiments. After many failed attempts, a beautiful recipe is mastered. So if you want to cook a great dish, you must master a recipe yourself.

A great dish is the result of many things. If the dish is prepared by a person in a joyful mood, the food becomes tastier. If the person prepares the food in a gentle and loving way, the food also becomes gentle and lovable. The more you are involved in the process of making food, the tastier the food becomes. For all these reasons, our mother/grandmother’s dishes taste good.

Taste of the food is one thing but when you eat food prepared by others, you are giving the keys of your health to others. You become what you eat. If you eat outside very often, it means that your physical and emotional health is being controlled by someone else. When you eat outside, you don’t know how the food was made, what ingredients were used, and how it was handled.

Cooking means living. The more we cook, the happier we become. So lets start cooking from today.


How I found god hiding inside a lemon

About once in a week, I make fresh pickle of cucumber and avocado. My wife and daughter both like it. It is a special recipe that I mastered over a long period of time. Don’t search it in google; you will not find it online. I use fresh lemon juice generously in this recipe.


I have cut many lemons before but this time something unusual happened. I picked a fresh lemon for making lemon juice.  The lemon looked green, fresh, and full of life force energy. As I cut it into two halves, with a sharp knife, something seemed to be dying. But as the lemon died, something beautiful started coming out. In a matter of a few seconds, the kitchen was full of a divine aroma — with a lemon scent. I brought one lemon-half close to my nose. The aroma then percolated through my body and touched each and every cells of my body. I felt so happy and rejuvenated. I felt divinely blessed.

Until then, I never thought that a lemon can gave blessings too. Well, they say that god is everywhere. I don’t know if this is true but for sure he lives inside the lemons.