Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart!

Only a very few have the courage to follow their heart. Most people follow the crowd. They do what their friends are doing and what their parents told them to do.

There is no point in taking part in a rat race. Even if you win, you are still a rat. You can’t be the cat.

A crowd doesn’t have any plan, everything happens by accident there. If you go along the crowd, sometime, by chance, they will make you a hero. But one day, the crowd will kill you, and say that you died in the stampede.

Videos that contain the knowledge of truth are not viewed the most in youtube. If you have the tendency to watch the most-viewed videos, you will likely miss the truth.

If you want to experience life, you must have the courage to unfollow the crowd. Even if you just want to be safe, you have to come out of the crowd. You must have the courage to stand alone. Your heart is enough to guide you. There is someone who always takes care of you — by whose power you came into the existence.

Rich people are not free. To be free, they must give up what they have gathered. That is why rich people donate in charities, in exchange of freedom.

If you have huge amount of money on your head when you die, you are bound to be born again. There will be a next life waiting for you. But if you want to be free, there is a way to be free. You can be free even before you die, by escaping the vicious circle of birth and death. That way to be free is ‘yoga’.









Please stop looking for recipes online!

These days many people cook once in a while. People want to eat great dishes everyday but without cooking. And even if they cook, many of them need a recipe. Without a recipe, people cannot cook.


My grandmother didn’t search for a recipe online. But she made the best dishes. I am sure your grandmother did it too.

So is it the recipe that matters for making a great dish?

No! Even if a master-chef from a five-star hotel give you a recipe with every details, you cannot reproduce it. The secret of a recipe lies in the hands of the person who created the recipe. A recipe is a way of cooking. It cannot be written.

A recipe is created with experience and experiments. After many failed attempts, a beautiful recipe is mastered. So if you want to cook a great dish, you must master a recipe yourself.

A great dish is the result of many things. If the dish is prepared by a person in a joyful mood, the food becomes tastier. If the person prepares the food in a gentle and loving way, the food also becomes gentle and lovable. The more you are involved in the process of making food, the tastier the food becomes. For all these reasons, our mother/grandmother’s dishes taste good.

Taste of the food is one thing but when you eat food prepared by others, you are giving the keys of your health to others. You become what you eat. If you eat outside very often, it means that your physical and emotional health is being controlled by someone else. When you eat outside, you don’t know how the food was made, what ingredients were used, and how it was handled.

Cooking means living. The more we cook, the happier we become. So lets start cooking from today.


How I found god hiding inside a lemon

About once in a week, I make fresh pickle of cucumber and avocado. My wife and daughter both like it. It is a special recipe that I mastered over a long period of time. Don’t search it in google; you will not find it online. I use fresh lemon juice generously in this recipe.


I have cut many lemons before but this time something unusual happened. I picked a fresh lemon for making lemon juice.  The lemon looked green, fresh, and full of life force energy. As I cut it into two halves, with a sharp knife, something seemed to be dying. But as the lemon died, something beautiful started coming out. In a matter of a few seconds, the kitchen was full of a divine aroma — with a lemon scent. I brought one lemon-half close to my nose. The aroma then percolated through my body and touched each and every cells of my body. I felt so happy and rejuvenated. I felt divinely blessed.

Until then, I never thought that a lemon can gave blessings too. Well, they say that god is everywhere. I don’t know if this is true but for sure he lives inside the lemons.


Next time your computer hangs, do this!

A few decades ago, you had a computer with 2GB storage space. Your computer would hang after making a ‘kar-kar-kar’ when you tried to open the internet explorer.


Now things have changed. You now have the best laptop available in the market. You have even better performing desktop computer with you. Your desktop computer has 16GB+ of RAM and 2TB+ of storage space. That is a lot.

However, your computer still hangs. Because you have now much more things to do than before. When you will become old, you will perhaps have a supercomputer with you. But regardless of its capacity and performance, it will still hang. Because ‘hanging’ is the nature of the external world.

Next time your computer hangs, slow down a bit. Your computer is telling you that you are going too fast. It is telling that your mind is out of balance. Your pace is not in harmony with the world you live in.

Life is all about maintaining harmony and balance. If you go too slow, you will fail. But if you go too fast, you will still fail. So find that speed of balance, between the slow and fast one. If you do that, your computer will never hang.

When a DMV staff gave blessings

Today, I went to the California DMV office to renew my driver’s license. In the past, I never had the experience of getting the work done on the same day. I had to come on another day, sometimes with a proof of address, sometimes with the I-20 and so on. You certainly know the hassles that an immigrant has to go through, for these things.


But today, my experience was completely different. A beautiful girl was waiting to serve me when I reached the counter. As we made eye contact, our eyes spoke for sometime. Being a bit watery, her eyes were telling me that I am just like you, an immigrant. After the eye contact, only a few words were exchanged. Everything went smooth. Within a few minutes, I was out with my new driver’s license.

If she had wanted, she could have easily asked me to come the next day. She had enough reasons to do so. I never have all the documents required.

When I was about to leave, I had no words to say. But still I said to her ‘thank you so much’. But my eyes were still asking “why are you doing this?” She said “you are very welcome”. But her eyes clearly said something different “Because you deserve it.”

When I left the office, I was feeling so light and happy. But my mind was wondering “why all this happened today?”

Soon after I started driving back home, I got the answer. Something inside me said “god blessed you today, through a kind girl.”


What is love?

What is love? A timeless question. Everyone seems to have experienced it, yet nobody understands it.

You don’t love by choice. You ‘fall in love’.

When you love someone, you always lose. One can experience love only if he/she loses his person-hood. If you won someone’s heart by impressing him/her, know that you didn’t experience love. Love is about losing, not winning.

Love is indeed one of the most misunderstood topic. You need to have an ‘spiritual eye’ if you want to understand what exactly is love.

Do you know that love happens within you?


Most people associate love with another person or object. When you fall in love with someone, you think that you fell in love because that person is nice and beautiful. But the truth is that you are nice and beautiful not the person that you love. When you fall in love with someone for the first time, you must understand that, you have come in contact with the core of your own being. The love that you feel for that person is just an expression of you becoming in touch with your own ‘soul’.

So if you fell in love with one person, chances are that you will fall in love with many others in the future. This statement may offend you but, yes, it is true.

How to know whether it is true love or just attraction?

Attraction happens in different levels. The first one happens in the level of the physical body. The second level involves exchange of emotions. It is much stronger.  If you think about a particular person constantly for a certain period of time, your emotions start to affect the other person.

If you ‘fell’ in love with someone, it is certainly true love. But if you loved someone by choice, it is not. In love, there are no choices, anyone can fall in love with anyone. A king can fall in love with his maid. So if you ‘fall’ in love, it is always true.

Unfortunately, there are two forces that do not let you fall in love — your mind and your society.  Both of them force you to ‘love’ something or someone of their choice. So true love is rare these days.



Why I hold the tea cup differently?

When we were kids, we drank tea in steel glasses. Of course, they didn’t have handles.


There are no steel glasses in my kitchen now. I drink tea in a cup. But somehow, I don’t feel comfortable holding the cup with its handle. I hold the cup by its body. May be it is not just a matter of comfort. It also gives a sense of how hot is the tea. The feeling of ‘warmth’ I get from the body is good too. It looks like I get connected to the tea more when I hold the cup by its body. May be bodily contact is important not just on the bed. Perhaps, for the same reason, I like to eat with my hands, not with fork and spoon whenever possible.

Do we really need a handle on the cup? What about handle-less cups? Does a cup become a glass if we remove the handle?

What a nonsense article I just wrote. Extremely sorry about this.

The secret of knowing everything

Throughout the day, so many questions arise in our mind. But thanks to google. These days, whenever we have a question, we can ask google.

Google will certainly give you some answers. It will never say ‘I don’t know’.


You have searched for thousands of questions and things in you life. But have your ever been satisfied?  Have you gotten an answer that satisfies you? In fact, you have even more questions now. You get an answer from google, but moments later you have several more questions.

So how to get out of this trap? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible, absolutely!

The only way is to turn inward. Before asking google ask yourself. Whenever you have a question in your mind, however big it be, close your eyes and ask it to yourself first. Don’t ever think that only Einstein can answer the question of your mind. Never think that only physicists can answer the questions about the universe. Don’t think that only a doctor can answer your health-related question. You are a physicist. You are also a doctor. You are everything. You don’t have to go to the university and get a degree “to know”. Knowledge is a universal right. It is accessible to everyone. But only those who turn inward can access it. That is the only way.



Story behind a photo 

A day of spring. Green and colorful. Everywhere.

My wife was not talking to me for several minutes. But still, in her silence, she was saying ‘please take me out’. So I took her out, to take some pictures. Nepalese new year it was.

My wife was clear, like the sky after a pouring rain. My daughter was happy, as always when out. And I was abiding by my true self.

An angel came. Young and calm. All curves she had. But the curve of her smile was that mattered. My daughter recognized her purity. So she followed her. I felt easy to ask her.

Would you mind taking a family picture for us?

“Sure” she said. But “I love” she meant.

Two clicks and shine of three hearts captured.

She took our pictures for free. Yet, they were completely professional. We indeed paid her our smiles.

I am houseless, not homeless

I live on the streets and people call me “homeless”. But I don’t agree with this title. May be I am “houseless” but I am certainly not homeless. Because I consider the whole earth as my home. Are all the animals and birds homeless too?

HomelessParis_7032101 (1)

I am absolutely no different than other human beings. But people treat me differently. I have not yet understood why.

The only difference between me and other people is that people wear expensive, fashionable clothes and I wear torn clothes. But people often complain that I stink. How can I make them understand, that it is my clothes that stink, not me. Why don’t they understand that it is the perfume that smells good, not their “beings”. They wear clean/elegant clothes and they think they look good, but the fact is that clothes look good not them.

The way people treat me is simply disgusting. They don’t even talk to me. Many people pass by me everyday. Although they don’t know me, I care for them. I smile when I see them smiling and I cry when I see them crying. I personally know many of them; how can I just ignore another human being?

I like talking to people but I never get a chance. I try to talk to them, but they offer me some money. It really hurts. At times, I just like to talk and share my feelings with them.

Thanks god, at least I have good health. Otherwise, who would afford the treatment these days, that even without insurance? But if I ever become sick, I know what to do. I will die, with a smile in my face.

I collect plastics, metals and other recycling things from the garbage and sell them. That is enough for my living. I think I am helping to clean the city but the city doesn’t like me.

The students of the university near my garbage heap, they think that I can’t read and write. It is true that I don’t have money to buy books, but I know how to read and write. I find enough books in the garbage. Just this last week, I had found a book named “The old man and the sea” written by Hemingway. A few pages of it were missing though. But I completed the story. It was easy to put myself in those missing pages, so I completed the book myself, filling with my own story.

Once in the garbage, I found a diary of a woman who was depressed with life. She was rich and had a great family. But she mentioned that she feels lonely, all the time. I couldn’t understand it. I found her life more miserable than my life. I feel lucky in this regard; at least I don’t have a fear of the so called society. I read such stories everyday. The whole city seems to be in trouble, in different ways. People in the city don’t seem to be what they look. Outside they look shining, but inside, they are suffering. I feel lucky again because I am not much different, inside and outside.

My society is very small, few homeless friends and some stray dogs. That’s all! No rules. No deadlines. No past. No future. We just live. At the present moment.

Well, that is my story. I know it is short but life is short too. So go and have fun!