Be a part of the problem not solution

Our society doesn’t like people who solve problems. Our governments do not reward those who actually solve problems. Our society and our government only like dealing with people who create problems. It has become a norm. They listen to you only when you make enough noise. If you are peaceful, you are not heard.

Only if you run an organization and create some social problems, then you will get rewarded. Only if you open some industries and emit pollution to degrade our environment, then you will be rewarded handsomely.

So be a problem maker if you are seeking support from the government. If you are part of the solution, you won’t be recognized. In that case, you will have to live on your own. To get attention from the government, you must make some noise. If you are peaceful, you won’t be heard or cared for. That is why our school and universities train us to do this — how to make noise. How to debate about climate change and so on. Our education system doesn’t teach us to find solutions.

If you go to your office by walking everyday, our system won’t recognize you. You will be regarded as a street cleaner or a poor person who doesn’t have enough money to ride his own car. The people riding their cars will even honk at you if you try to cross the road while walking. They think that the road is for themselves only, I mean for the dead cars, not to the living people.

To get recognized from our system, you have to go to your office in a car and then go to the gym for exercise. For a person with common sense, this does not make any sense right? Because if you walk to your office, you don’t need to go to the gym. Not only to the office, many people even go to the gym in a car. That is a bizarre, isn’t it? If you go to the gym by actually ‘running’, you would not have to run on the treadmill at all. Is it so difficult to understand?

And if people stop going to the gym, what will happen to those businesses? What will happen to the manufacturers of those heavy equipment like treadmills, biceps and triceps things? And if they stop manufacturing those heavy metallic equipment, there will be no much emissions and no much pollutions. What will happen to the environment then? It will be all clean. What will then be there to talk about? Our system doesn’t want that at all. We want to create pollution so that we can talk about it forever.

And learn to sell, anything. That is called marketing. If you find a new way to sell things, you will be rewarded. You will be regarded as a successful entrepreneur, even if you sell poison.

Talk about big words. Talk about Nano materials. This is the age of nanotechnology. Nanoparticles are a health threat because smaller the particles, deeper their penetration into our respiratory system. But it doesn’t matter. Just talk about nanotechnology. You will be regarded as a great person.

Talk about artificial intelligence. Natural (human) intelligence is not valued any more. You must learn to do calculations in a sophisticated way. If you say this — “put your nose near a flower, and you will smell the fragrance”, nobody will believe it. But if you make a 3d model of a human body and show how the fragrance travels in your body when you put your nose near the flower, everybody will believe it. And you will be applauded. Even if you have never smelled a flower, you will be labelled as a ‘flower expert’. Then you will be invited to give talks in various organizations and universities. That is how you become expert these days. The more complex things you make, the more you will be rewarded. Simple is no good.

So if you really want to be successful in this world, learn to create problems. Learn how you can find problems in everything around you. Learn to complicate simple things. That is how you really succeed. Bitter but a fact.

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