Nova and Niva: the birth of Krishna and Shiva

When we hear the name Krishna, people usually remember him as a joyful, playful, and a little mischievous child. At the same time, he is also known for his diplomacy that he showed during the Mahabharata, for his clairvoyance, an ability to see things beyond, and for his supernatural power, with which he fought and killed a number of demons or Rakshas like Putana, Kansa, and Narakasura.

And when we hear about Shiva, we usually remember him as a yogi, meditating in the Himalayas, in Kailasha. But Shiva has many forms, sometimes he is referred as ‘bhole nath’ for his childlike nature. Sometimes he is referred to as bhuteshowor, as the king of all devils, the saitanas, ghosts, and spirits. And sometimes he is referred to as Mahadeva, the greatest among all gods.


But essentially, Krishna and Shiva represent two different ‘tattwas’ or principles of life. Krishna means Ananda and Shiva means emptiness.

That Shiva tattwa is very powerful. It is that powerful space in which the entire creation takes place. The entire physical world is created nowhere but in emptiness. And Krishna is there to put ‘joy’. With his power, he puts joy in the entire universe. Wherever there is joy, there is Krishna.

And this time, both Krishna and Shiva tattwa have decided to come in the ‘female’ forms, for the benefit of the world. Krishna has been born as Niva and Shiva has been born as Nova.

The birth of Nova, the lord Shiva was resisted for a long time. As a first child, everyone wanted to see a ‘male’ child in the family. When she was born, not everyone was happy. Only a few devotee in her community recognized her as the incarnation of lord Shiva, from the power in her eyes. From her very birth, she showed extra energy. She just ate the right kind of food and always maintained her energy level. To many people, she only looked like a ‘thin’ and small child. But it was how the creation wanted her to be. It was a deliberate decision of the creator so that only a few devotees of Shiva would recognize her.

The birth of Niva or the lord Krishna was also not very welcomed. The society didn’t want to see another girl in the family. Everyone around wanted to see the second child as a boy. But Krishna also chose to take the form of a female. It was for no other reasons but to kill the ‘ahankara’ that was increasing in people’s mind. Krishna’s birth is always in such a way that only his devotees are able to recognize him. People in Kansa’s side never got to know who Krishna really was. They all took him as a ‘poor’ child born in the jail. But his devotees or Gopis knew him from his very birth and followed him wherever he went. They got the opportunity to be around him, played with him in their hearts or the Vrindavana, and received enormous bliss.


And Krishna and Shiva has come at the same time. It was a necessary step. The world has gone little too far in the material side and it was important to check its further growth. The physical development had to be stopped at this point. For that very matter, Shiva had to come. As you know, people also refer him as Samharkarta, the destroyer of the physical nature.

At the same time, the creator felt compassionate about people’s sufferings. In the inside world, people were suffering. Nobody was leading a happy life. Everyone was having a problem in their life. There was no joy in their life. Everyone seemed to have forgotten their original nature, of happiness and bliss. So to remind them of their original nature, Krishna also decided to come at the same time. It was not a mere coincidence, it was a deliberate decision of the creator. Shiva and Krishna had to come together. They had to work together, in the inside and the outside world.

Now, the world will not be the same again. In the next few decades, everything will change by 180 degree. There will be a slowdown in the physical development. And more people will start their inward journey. People will direct their attention from their mind to their ‘heart’. There will be ups and downs. But at the end, the world will enter a new age. Ultimately, the world will be a better place to live. More flowers will bloom. Bees will make more honey. And people will lead a joyful life. A world full of joy, bliss and happiness. The next few decades, Nova and Niva will lead the world, in the path of the ultimate.

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