Mathematical understanding of consciousness and awareness

If you have read this blog consciously, now you should have a basic understanding of ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’, albeit theoretically. Scientists are now trying to understand these terms. Without consciousness, all theories collapse, at the very basic quantum level. But will the scientists be able to understand consciousness ever? Will they be able to understand what Buddha understood a few thousand years ago?

To speak the truth, it is very difficult to understand these two terms theoretically. They can only be understood through experience. This is because our mind is incapable of understanding its creator. How can a robot understand a human being in totality? Your mind is just a speck in the vastness of your awareness field. Your mind is still being perceived by your awareness. You are aware that there is something called mind. So how can you be the mind? And how can you use mind to understand yourself? You can only ‘realize’ your existence.


Realize what I am saying. Again, do not think. Realize that you are the awareness itself. You are not the body, not the mind, but the ‘awareness’ that is ‘aware’ of both the body and mind.

Consciousness is the modified form of awareness. When the awareness gets identified or entangled with the physical nature, it is consciousness. To give you an example, consciousness is like yogurt and awareness is like milk. When the milk gets identified with some bacteria, it becomes yogurt.

Close your eyes and look within. What do you see? Darkness. But who is seeing? Who is the seer? Awareness is the seer. Awareness is the perceiver. That awareness is timeless. When you establish yourself in awareness, there is no sense of time. Right now you have a sense of time because you have identified yourself as your body and mind, and thus with the physical existence.


Now lets try to understand these two terms mathematically. Look at the above equation. You will see that consciousness is a function of time. In your life, you always try to be conscious, at each moment. When you are being conscious, essentially, you are trying to make dt equal to 0. With the practice of being conscious at each moment, you will be able to make dt = 0, ultimately. Then you will experience pure ‘awareness’ and realize that it is really timeless. For a Buddha, dt is indeed equal to 0.



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