Why you are a criminal

You are a criminal. It hurts to your ego mind (not to your heart), but it is true. You, the person who is reading this post, is a criminal. You should be put in the jail. I will ask FBI to track you down, from where you are reading this post, so that they can send you to the appropriate place.


You have committed two main crimes. First, you killed your own ‘self’. You stopped believing in ‘yourself’ long time ago, right after you started going to the school. Teachers taught many things and you started believing what they said. You no longer believed in yourself. That is why you are reading this post, isn’t it? At a certain point, you sabotaged your own ‘self’. You are a criminal that should be sent to Guantanamo. I have never met a criminal like you.

Second, you gave shelter to the ‘mind’. A nasty mind was roaming around, in the sky. You picked it up and kept it in your head. You liked its logic and thought that it could be helpful for your survival. Now you think it is your own mind. Anyone who helps a criminal is also a criminal. You have nurtured the ‘mind’ which is harmful to the society and to the people. That is your second crime.

It is not too late to realize your mistake. Ask for ‘forgiveness’ to your ‘self’. It will.



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