Self-realization is a gradual process

You might have heard the story of Buddha. It is said that he became enlightened when he was meditating under a tree called ‘Bodhi’.


However, it is not true. It cannot be true. Self realization is not attained overnight. It is a gradual process of purification. Siddhartha Gautam became enlightened after years of his spiritual quest. Everyone tells where he went externally or physically, but no one tells  where he went internally, in the space of his own ‘self’. Self realization is an internal journey. It is not a journey from his Palace to various parts of Nepal and India.

In fact, a self-realized person can never tell when exactly he was enlightened because this process is so slow. Can you say when exactly did a flower bloom? And when someone attains self realization, he does not want to know whether he is self realized or not. He does not have this question. This is a question of the mind. A self realized person has crossed the level of mind and attained the space of ‘awareness’ so such questions are obviously not there. It is actually the question of your mind; your mind wants to know whether someone is enlightened or not. It is little creepy, isn’t it?

There are enlightenment stories all over the internet. Someone was sitting somewhere and something bizarre happened, so on and so forth.

Please know that those stories they tell are just ‘experiences’. Yes they are remarkable experiences, but they became enlightened not because of those particular events. That was just an event among many other experiential events. They just took one event and told about it. Well, you all want to read about such stories, so what can they do? It is very funny but true.


2 thoughts on “Self-realization is a gradual process

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