Why you feel heavy all the time

Throughout the day, he meets so many people. Just between walking from home to reaching the office, he sees so many people. Most of the time, those all people find way to his head. He carries all those people in his head. That is why his head is always down. He cannot walk freely. That is why, even though he is not so thick, he feels very heavy while walking.


Once he saw a person walking in front who was wearing a torn shirt. His mind processed a volume of information within a matter of few seconds. First his mind judged the person and said that he must be a poor guy. Then his mind thought about different types of clothes. Then it thought about going to the supermarket in the weekend. His mind went on and on, until he slipped from the sidewalk, on the curb stone. A car passing by almost hit him.

After this event, he became more alert. He stopped carrying things in his head. He became more aware of what was going around. He would now see the trees on the side of the sidewalk. He would hear the birds chirping and flying. He would notice the rhythm of the fountain in front of the building.

He was now just becoming more aware, of all these little things around. When he was aware, he did not have to carry anything at all. There was no time to stop, look back, and think about certain things. Things were happening quite fast around. Each second, the scene was changing. He had to be aware each second. There was no other way. And it seemed to be the only way of living.

You lose a moment, you lost a portion of life.

Who is that person? Is that you?



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