3-minute guided meditation

I am taking you to a strange journey today. You will be able to see your own self. You can say this is a guided meditation. But a written one. Please follow each and every instructions. In the end, you will know who you really are. I ask you to trust my words for the next few minutes.


Stop! Stop moving! Do not let your body move at all. Not even a millimeter. Be like a statue. I know it is painful and difficult, but think of the end results. Eyes keep blinking, that is fine. You keep reading, that is fine. Breathing goes on. Other than that, absolutely no movement.

Forget about everything. Be free. Forget about who you are. You are nobody. You think you are an engineer, it is only your belief. You think you are a man, it is only your belief. How can you know whether you are a man or a woman? Who the hell are you to tell? What do you know? You know nothing. You are aware of your own existence, that is it. Except this, you know nothing. Just be aware. Just watch what is going on right now. Be here. Be now.

Start taking deep breaths. Focus your attention on the length of the breath. Do not forget the breath even for a second. Follow the breath each second. Go with it. Do not leave. Start breathing and follow the sound of the breath until you inhale all the way full. Even after you are full, focus your attention on the fullness. Then gradually breath out, again following the sound of your breath each second. Do not hurry. Relax and follow the instructions correctly. Keep doing this for at least about a minute. But do not look at the watch. Just do it.

Now close your eyes and ask yourself a question. WHO AM I? Ask this question silently, in a long way, such that each of the word takes about five seconds. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?

Repeat this question, for about 1 minute. Do not make any calculations, just do it approximately. But when you do, follow each alphabets carefully. Go with the silent sound of the alphabets. Keep your attention constantly on the sounds of the alphabets.

Now remain calm for about one minute.

If you do it correctly, you will get the answer. I cannot give you the answer. Only your ‘self’ can answer this question. No one else.

So who are you?






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