Hurricane and the mind

A Hurricane reacts to the sun

The mind reacts to the situations

A hurricane heads to a low pressure zone

The mind heads to material sensory objects

The hurricane destroys everything on its path

The mind destroys everything on its wrath

The hurricane disappears 

as soon as it reaches the low pressure zone

The mind disappears 

as soon as its desires are fulfilled

In reality,

neither the hurricane

nor the mind

really exist. 

If the water had patience

it would not react to the sun

The sun would gracefully lift it up

change it to clouds and let it fall down

Everything would be so smooth

Until it reached the ocean

to be lifted again. 

If ‘you’ have the patience,

The grace will suck

the desires of the mind

Until the desires return 

to the place of their origin

and vanish altogether

somewhere deep in silence

in your consciousness. 






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