What is surrendering and how to do it?

Surrender is key to self-realization. Without surrender, one is not available to the grace. Surrendering is essentially a technique to access the element of grace.

Surrendering is about realizing your own true nature. When you realize this, your mind stops and the space of ‘awareness’ becomes fully functional. When your mind stops, you become available to grace.

To whom?

Real surrender can only be done to one’s own ‘self’. However, one cannot surrender to his/her own ‘self’ without reaching a certain stage in the spiritual path. Until and unless one has realized his/her own inner space of awareness, it may be difficult to surrender to one’s own self directly. Until then, you may have to use your mind and emotions. So it is best to surrender to a personified form of god or the spiritual master.

How to do it?

Two conditions are best for surrendering. First is when you achieve something big. Second is when you go through one of the most difficult time in your life.

When you achieve something big, you naturally become happy and satisfied. When you hear such a big news in your life, sit in a peaceful space. It may be in your own private room. It may also be in some serene place outside — in a park or similar place. Sit comfortably in a meditative position. Close your eyes, and surrender your achievement to the god or other people. Bow down to all those. Realize that you achieved this success because of the help of many people and things around you. Realize that it was your own ‘self’ who made this success possible. It was never because of your ‘mind’. You used your mind but it was never the mind that brought this success. When you realize this, you become available to the grace.

Similarly, when you lose something big in your life or when you are going through some difficult time, do the same. Surrender your failure or difficulty to the god as well. Realize that success and failure come and go. Realize that they are just some temporary ‘experiences’. They cannot affect you unless you let them do so.

How to confirm that you have really surrendered?

Once you surrender, energy starts to flow through your body. It brings immense joy within you. If you experience such immense joy, it means that you were able to surrender. It may be difficult in the beginning, but with sustained practice, surrendering becomes effortless.




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