What happens at the time of death?

Some say life is short and others say it is long. Whatever be the opinions, length of life is just the right time required for ‘liberation’.

We grow up, become old, and die. If you look closely, this process is going rather slowly. The reason why this is going slowly is that, the human life is designed for ‘liberation’ by evolution, to be freed from the circle of birth and death.


Why so?

The most important condition for liberation is that you need to be fully aware at the time of death. If you die by accident, say in a car-accident, there is little chance for liberation. Because, at that moment, it is very difficult to maintain awareness. You will be scared and your mind will lose control completely in such instances.

But when you die naturally, there is high chance for liberation. In fact, natural death happens slowly to help you maintain awareness. If you maintain awareness and just be a witness of what happens at the time of death, you will be freed. No doubt on that.

But if you are not prepared and resist death at your deathbed, you won’t be liberated. You will have to take birth again. Unfortunately, these days, most people are not prepared to die.

Note: If you have difficulty understanding what is ‘awareness’ and ‘liberation’, please read other posts in this blog.




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