Krishna is within you

Relax! Empty your thoughts! And close your eyes! What do you see? Darkness, right? And what do you hear? Silence, right? If this is true, you have found Krishna.


But you don’t believe it. That is the problem. Because you have been told, from your very childhood, that Krishna is a godly person residing up somewhere in Baikuntha. Nobody told you the truth. Everybody told you the story. Nobody told you that you just need to close your eyes to have a darshan of Krishna. Nobody told you that Krishna is within you.

Krishna is darkness. He is the silence. This is knowledge. This knowledge is the nectar of Vedas, Gita, and all other scriptures.

Krishna is darkness but you are afraid of the darkness. That is the problem. Krishna is silence but you are afraid of the silence. That is the problem. In this condition, there is not even a remote chance of getting his darshan. Go to the most famous temple of Krishna, but you still won’t find him.

If you want to meet Krishna, you must be willing to embrace the darkness. You must be willing to shake hands with the silence. You must be willing to be a vacuum — empty of thoughts, emotions, and everything. The moment you become like this, Krishna will reveal. You will experience an immense joy coming out from nowhere. It is the bliss coming from Krishna directly, also called paramananda.

May you be filled with Krishna’s bliss, right now! Happy Krishna Janmasthami!


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