Why some self-realized beings are not vegetarian?

This is one of the most confusing questions for many spiritual seekers. Does one has to become a vegetarian in the path of self-realization? 

For example, Moojiji has said that he is not a vegetarian and his culture does not require him to be a vegetarian. You might have also read this news about Sadhguru ordering a fish dish. Another example is Dalai Lama who is also a non-vegetarian. These kinds of news can be surprising if not shocking, to many spiritual seekers — especially the followers. So what is the deal?

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Once you have passed a certain threshold stage in the spiritual path, you become very stable and the external situations do not affect you much. This threshold stage can be one’s awakening of kundalini. What happens is that after this stage, the energies start to move upward. After this, your thoughts and emotions become very stable. Once you reach this stage, whatever activity you do in the external world, is not going to affect you much. Once you realize that you are separate from your body and mind, how can the food that you eat affect you? Eating meat can certainly affect your body and mind, but it cannot affect you.

But don’t ever think that because your spiritual master ate meat, you can also eat meat. You cannot do all the things that the self-realized beings can do. Until you are established in your own ‘self’, it is better to continue being a vegetarian.

In the spiritual path, any amount of reading is not going to help. You can continue doing google search but you will not find a conclusive answer.

The only way to get a truthful answer is through self-realization, through your own experience. There is a intelligence within you that can answer your each and every question. If you still have a question about meat-eating in your mind, it means that your mind and emotions have not become stable. So just continue doing your sadhana until your ‘self’ destroys all the questions of your mind.



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