How many times do you breathe in a minute?

Google this question and Dr. Google will tell you that on average a human being breathes about 12-20 times per minute.

Those are average numbers. For a person who practices yoga regularly, those numbers can be much lower.



Breath, mind and body are connected in a much deeper level than you think right now. The frequency of your breathing can tell you a lot about your overall physical and emotional health. When you are stressed you tend to breathe more. And when you are relaxed, you breathe much slower. Isn’t it so?

What it means is that if we consciously control the frequency of our breathing, we can control our thoughts and emotions. In yoga, pranayama is one of the key practice among others like asanas, chanting, and meditation. Pranayama is all about controlling your breathe.

Breathing is undoubtedly the most important process happening in our body. But do you pay attention to it? How many times in a day are you aware of this phenomenal process? Right now you become aware of it only when something goes wrong. For example, when you are hiking and you start to breathe faster, you become aware of it. Otherwise, most of the time you forget your breath. If you want to live healthily, you must be aware of your breath as much as possible. If you just breathe consciously, many of your physical and psychological problems will go away.

Be aware of your breath! Every moment!



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