How to remain happy 24 hours

Let me ask you one thing first. Why do you want to be happy all the time? Imagine you have a happy smiley face showing all your teeth for 24 hours. Even if it is possible, you don’t want that right?

So, lets ponder for a while. What is your definition of happiness?

Right now, you think that happiness depends upon external things and situation. In such a case, to remain happy for 24 hours is certainly not possible. Currently, your happiness depends upon what you have — your money, your family, your friends and so on. In such a situation, obviously, when those things go away from your life, your happiness also fades away. Material things come and go in life. If you want to be happy all the time, you should look for that which does not change.


There is a space within you, that does not change with time and circumstances. To be happy all the time, you must find that empty space within you. You must identify the ‘Shiva’ that is residing within you. Now, don’t think about that Shiva who wears tiger skins and sits in the Himalayas. Shiva is not a person, it is a state within you. Look at Nova’s face above, it is verily the Shiva that is gazing, in nothingness.

To recognize the Shiva within you, you need little effort. You need to start living life consciously. You need to do some Sadhana. You need to practice some form of yoga. It is not difficult at all. Shiva is already within you. It is just a matter of realization.

When you become empty, there is neither happiness nor suffering. There is nothing. And that is the whole purpose of life — to realize that you are nothing.


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