Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart!

Only a very few have the courage to follow their heart. Most people follow the crowd. They do what their friends are doing and what their parents told them to do.

There is no point in taking part in a rat race. Even if you win, you are still a rat. You can’t be the cat.

A crowd doesn’t have any plan, everything happens by accident there. If you go along the crowd, sometime, by chance, they will make you a hero. But one day, the crowd will kill you, and say that you died in the stampede.

Videos that contain the knowledge of truth are not viewed the most in youtube. If you have the tendency to watch the most-viewed videos, you will likely miss the truth.

If you want to experience life, you must have the courage to unfollow the crowd. Even if you just want to be safe, you have to come out of the crowd. You must have the courage to stand alone. Your heart is enough to guide you. There is someone who always takes care of you — by whose power you came into the existence.

Rich people are not free. To be free, they must give up what they have gathered. That is why rich people donate in charities, in exchange of freedom.

If you have huge amount of money on your head when you die, you are bound to be born again. There will be a next life waiting for you. But if you want to be free, there is a way to be free. You can be free even before you die, by escaping the vicious circle of birth and death. That way to be free is ‘yoga’.









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