Please stop looking for recipes online!

These days many people cook once in a while. People want to eat great dishes everyday but without cooking. And even if they cook, many of them need a recipe. Without a recipe, people cannot cook.


My grandmother didn’t search for a recipe online. But she made the best dishes. I am sure your grandmother did it too.

So is it the recipe that matters for making a great dish?

No! Even if a master-chef from a five-star hotel give you a recipe with every details, you cannot reproduce it. The secret of a recipe lies in the hands of the person who created the recipe. A recipe is a way of cooking. It cannot be written.

A recipe is created with experience and experiments. After many failed attempts, a beautiful recipe is mastered. So if you want to cook a great dish, you must master a recipe yourself.

A great dish is the result of many things. If the dish is prepared by a person in a joyful mood, the food becomes tastier. If the person prepares the food in a gentle and loving way, the food also becomes gentle and lovable. The more you are involved in the process of making food, the tastier the food becomes. For all these reasons, our mother/grandmother’s dishes taste good.

Taste of the food is one thing but when you eat food prepared by others, you are giving the keys of your health to others. You become what you eat. If you eat outside very often, it means that your physical and emotional health is being controlled by someone else. When you eat outside, you don’t know how the food was made, what ingredients were used, and how it was handled.

Cooking means living. The more we cook, the happier we become. So lets start cooking from today.



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