How I found god hiding inside a lemon

About once in a week, I make fresh pickle of cucumber and avocado. My wife and daughter both like it. It is a special recipe that I mastered over a long period of time. Don’t search it in google; you will not find it online. I use fresh lemon juice generously in this recipe.


I have cut many lemons before but this time something unusual happened. I picked a fresh lemon for making lemon juice.  The lemon looked green, fresh, and full of life force energy. As I cut it into two halves, with a sharp knife, something seemed to be dying. But as the lemon died, something beautiful started coming out. In a matter of a few seconds, the kitchen was full of a divine aroma — with a lemon scent. I brought one lemon-half close to my nose. The aroma then percolated through my body and touched each and every cells of my body. I felt so happy and rejuvenated. I felt divinely blessed.

Until then, I never thought that a lemon can gave blessings too. Well, they say that god is everywhere. I don’t know if this is true but for sure he lives inside the lemons.



One thought on “How I found god hiding inside a lemon

  1. Rishu

    Hahaha… Nyc discovery by the way….
    But truth is that u were totaly focusing on aroma, rather than cutting.. Therefore u felt it mpre intense… Its that we focus on which grows….


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