How to separate truth from the junk?

These days, we are flooded with information. We find all kinds of things through google. A lot of times we find conflicting answers to the same question. Often we find two sides of a story. A news channel says one thing and another channel says something else, on the same topic. But what is true?

In the spiritual world, this problem is even more apparent. A lot of spiritual masters to follow. A lot of scriptures to read. A lot of bhajans to listen. Very different to the material world but still it is full of confusions and doubts.

But there is a way.

True knowledge is like sediment. When you become still, it settles down. Truth is very dense. In contrast, junk knowledge is very light. It cannot settle. It can only float on the surface, on your mind.

Know that only ‘you’ have the ability to separate true knowledge from the junk. Nobody else. Not even your guru.

When you find two spiritual masters saying two different things, leave everything and remain still. Don’t move at all for some time. Then the true knowledge will settle down in you. When you find two religious scriptures giving different accounts of heaven, do the same. It is that simple.




2 thoughts on “How to separate truth from the junk?

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