Spiritual experiences after awakening

After your awakening, you will start to have some spiritual experiences. Some of these are exciting and some are frightening. New experiences keep coming as you progress in the spiritual path.

Nature of experiences vary from person to person. You should never have any ‘desire’ to have the spiritual experiences described by other yogis and sadhaks. You have heard that some people saw light during meditation and some people heard divine sounds and so on. But please don’t believe in these things. Believe only in your own experiences. Your experience will be very unique because it depends upon your own karma.

And know that these experiences are the distractions in your spiritual path. When you are walking, you should be focused in your destination. You should not be distracted by the monkey that you see on a tree lying on the roadside. You should not be distracted by anything, even if you see a very beautiful/handsome man/woman.

Initially you will enjoy it when energy flows through your body. A deep breathe and energy starts to flow upward. It brings so much joy and satisfaction. But know that even joy is an experience. You have to go beyond experiences. You have to know ‘that’ which is experiencing these things. Remember only your destination, your own self.

Beyond joy and energy, there is peace. If you go beyond joy, you will meet Shiva. Be aware that your mind may say peace is boring; energy thing was more exciting. Your mind will tell you that you are looking for more exciting things; get out of this peace thing as soon as possible. However, don’t listen to the mind. Otherwise you will fall back. Peace is certainly no fun. But it is the only truth.

As your ‘self’, you are just a space, peaceful but aware. When you find this space, protect it. Nurture it like a baby. Until this peace settles, it will be affected by the external situations. You talk to a few people and it is gone. It is so fragile and fleeting. But if you protect it, it will increase everyday, until every second of your life become peaceful.


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