Intense crying can awaken you!

How do you feel after crying? How does the environment look after rainfall?

You indeed feel better! When you cry, all your frustrations that you had accumulated over a period of time get wiped out instantly. Crying is a natural arrangement to deal with your frustrations that arise because of your ‘desires’. What crying does is it wipes out some of your bad karma of the past.


Crying can make you both weak and strong. Crying in front of people makes you weaker, but crying in front of your ‘self’ makes you stronger. That is the difference.

If you become conscious, you can use ‘crying’ to reach the core of your being, your ‘self’. ‘Crying’ is essentially an ‘appeal’ to your ‘self’. So if your appeal is honest and very strong, your ‘self’ can fulfill it. No matter what. If you convert this appeal to know who you are, miracle can happen. When you cry, ask to your self ‘Who am I?’ Then god will tell you exactly who you are.

Once you reach the core of your being, tears of sorrow get converted to tears of bliss. After some time, even the tears of bliss disappear. The tears of bliss get infused throughout your body. Every cell of your body then becomes blissful. After this, there is only ‘joy’ in your life no matter what you do in the external world.


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