Heaven and hell are ‘states’ of the mind

Heaven and hell  are the creation of your mind. Your mind can create anything and everything. In the world of mind, ghosts exist too. Everything that you have heard until now, all exist in your mind.


On the level of mind, there are so many things that are seemingly exciting — astral travel, mind reading, telepathy, Shaktipat, Kundalani awakening. There are so many topics that your mind can explore and become the master. But these things can’t help you get out of the mind.

You are not the mind. ‘You’ exist well beyond the mind.

Don’t aim to go to heaven. Even if you reach there, you have to come back to the Earth. You have to come back, to the present moment. Heaven is indeed a very nice place. You will feel very good there. Unfortunately, it is not real. It is still a space within your mind.

Don’t carry the mind with you when you die. When you die, aim to go to a place where you will become free. That place is beyond your mind. And that place is not so far.

But you don’t have to wait ‘death’ to be liberated. If you are willing, you can be liberated right now. In fact you are always free; you only ‘think’ that you are not. Stop thinking and you are free, here and now.


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