When a DMV staff gave blessings

Today, I went to the California DMV office to renew my driver’s license. In the past, I never had the experience of getting the work done on the same day. I had to come on another day, sometimes with a proof of address, sometimes with the I-20 and so on. You certainly know the hassles that an immigrant has to go through, for these things.


But today, my experience was completely different. A beautiful girl was waiting to serve me when I reached the counter. As we made eye contact, our eyes spoke for sometime. Being a bit watery, her eyes were telling me that I am just like you, an immigrant. After the eye contact, only a few words were exchanged. Everything went smooth. Within a few minutes, I was out with my new driver’s license.

If she had wanted, she could have easily asked me to come the next day. She had enough reasons to do so. I never have all the documents required.

When I was about to leave, I had no words to say. But still I said to her ‘thank you so much’. But my eyes were still asking “why are you doing this?” She said “you are very welcome”. But her eyes clearly said something different “Because you deserve it.”

When I left the office, I was feeling so light and happy. But my mind was wondering “why all this happened today?”

Soon after I started driving back home, I got the answer. Something inside me said “god blessed you today, through a kind girl.”



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