There are more self-realized people than you think

We often think that self-realization is a rare incidence. We are used to believing that self-realized beings like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus-Christ, and Prophet Muhammad are born only once in a few centuries. But this is completely untrue. In fact, there were, and are many self-realized people on this planet. It is just that many people don’t recognize them. Self-realized people, most of the time, isolate themselves from people because they feel complete without the need of the external world. While most of the people in the world are suffering and busy with daily life, self-realized beings stay away from the external world, yet completely blissed out inside. They can also take part in the worldly affairs if required but they remain clean, untouched inside.


Every human being has equal opportunity for self-realization. A boy born in Africa, the world’s richest person, and the great scientist, all have equal opportunity for self-realization. They appear different only in the material world, in the level of mind. In the level of life, in the level of consciousness, they are same.

One’s real ability and success originate from ‘heart’ not from the mind. A happiness of the permanent nature comes only when you trust your heart. In fact you are not your ‘mind’. Mind is just an instrument that you can use for your survival. It cannot help you to understand the nature of your own ‘life’. There is a different proprietor who owns your mind. The purpose of life is to find that proprietor. You will find that it is ‘you’ alone. And that ‘you’ is very powerful. And that ‘you’ is full of love and bliss.


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