Next time your computer hangs, do this!

A few decades ago, you had a computer with 2GB storage space. Your computer would hang after making a ‘kar-kar-kar’ when you tried to open the internet explorer.


Now things have changed. You now have the best laptop available in the market. You have even better performing desktop computer with you. Your desktop computer has 16GB+ of RAM and 2TB+ of storage space. That is a lot.

However, your computer still hangs. Because you have now much more things to do than before. When you will become old, you will perhaps have a supercomputer with you. But regardless of its capacity and performance, it will still hang. Because ‘hanging’ is the nature of the external world.

Next time your computer hangs, slow down a bit. Your computer is telling you that you are going too fast. It is telling that your mind is out of balance. Your pace is not in harmony with the world you live in.

Life is all about maintaining harmony and balance. If you go too slow, you will fail. But if you go too fast, you will still fail. So find that speed of balance, between the slow and fast one. If you do that, your computer will never hang.


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