If you have a university degree, you are eligible for self-realization

We often think that attaining self-realization is extremely difficult. We think that it requires doing meditation for several years in the Himalayas, living extremely disciplined life-style, and isolating completely from the world. We think that it is not only difficult but extremely rare.


But the truth is something else. It requires much less time than you think. It only needs right knowledge and right effort in the right direction.

When you have a university degree, it means that you have developed certain analytical and critical skills with which you can use your mind to get knowledge – knowledge of the truth. In getting such degree, you spend 4 years assuming that it was an undergraduate degree. You did countless assignments, read numerous texts, and made presentations many times. You spend the whole 4 years to earn that degree. That is a tremendous amount of time and effort.

But if you spend even 6 months of time to look inward, it may be enough for self-realization. The only problem is that you don’t have even that much time. Because right now you don’t believe in yourself. The society has made you to believe in your mind. You don’t believe in your heart. You think that dwelling in the ‘heart’ makes one weak. You think that you have to use your brain to get success. You think that success can only bring happiness. But these concepts are entirely wrong. There is not even a hint of ‘truth’ in these concepts.

Once you understand its essence, you will realize that self-realization is so simple. When you realize your self, there is no sufferings in your life. Only things that remain are joy and bliss.



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