Why most gurus are criminals?

You will be shocked to know this truth. If you have heard that gurus exploit their disciples, sexually, monetarily, or otherwise, you still don’t know their true faces. They are murderers wearing the mask of a guru.

I am telling this truth based on my own experience. I have decided to tell the truth because it is too much. I really don’t want you be the next victim.


I am not saying that every guru is the same but most of them are. Initially, they attract you with some spiritual food. But eventually, they rob you. People are getting robbed everyday in the ashrams and so called spiritual gatherings. They have so much things to sell for you, rudraksha, yantras, rings and so many other religious accessories. What is even more is that they brainwash you with some theories of karma and make you donate money. These things are happening so quietly because they are so professional in this business. These things never get reported in the NEWS.

If you have become in contact with one of these gurus already, better be safe. Because once they know that you like spiritual stuff, they will not leave you. They will start following you until they rob you completely. In fact, they can even kill you. Yes many people have died in so called ashrams. Again, it is NEVER in the NEWS.

If you feel attracted to the spiritual path, know that the guru’s eye is already upon you. Although initially you will be robbed, a guru’s final aim is to kill you. But to kill, your head must be empty. If not, he cannot kill you. So he must wait for your head to be empty. Once you are in the spiritual world, you can be killed at any time, any second. And a guru will come to kill you when you expect the least. He can come in the form of your friend, brother, lover, etc. He can basically assume any physical form; don’t expect him to be a old man with a long beard. You will never know when it happens. When he comes, he comes at a lightning speed. He comes like a flash of light and another moment you are gone.

Nobody can save you. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s most powerful people as friends.

A guru kills you with a sword. The sword is so sharp and thin that your head is slaughtered in no time. You don’t even have time to appeal. This is a brutal world. In a matter of a few seconds, your head will be gone.

After this, you become headless. People won’t like you because you walk here and there without head. Everyone else has a head. They will even laugh at you because you don’t fit in their world anymore.

What is even more interesting is that he puts yourself behind the bar after he kills you. In that jail, there are so many rules to follow. That is exactly why it is called a jail. Being vegetarian, chanting holy mantras, doing meditation every morning, and so on.

But there is one hope.

The hope is that a guru’s sword is made up of knowledge.

And when you are slaughtered by that sword, you get a new life. A fresh life. A life full of bliss. A life without any sufferings.

When your head is gone, you become an empty space full of love. You become Shiva.

And you were actually not put behind the bar. It is just that the majority of people are on the other side of the bar. So they think that you are behind the bars. But the truth is that they are behind the bar, not you.

So when the guru comes, don’t fight. Many people have fought before. None of them were saved. Just let him kill you. Everything will be alright. I assure you.

Are you ready to die? A guru’s eyes may be already upon you.




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