Why I hold the tea cup differently?

When we were kids, we drank tea in steel glasses. Of course, they didn’t have handles.


There are no steel glasses in my kitchen now. I drink tea in a cup. But somehow, I don’t feel comfortable holding the cup with its handle. I hold the cup by its body.

May be it is not just a matter of comfort. It also gives a sense of how hot is the tea. The feeling of ‘warmth’ I get from the body is good too.

It looks like I get connected to the tea more when I hold the cup by its body. May be bodily contact is important not just on the bed. Perhaps, for the same reason, I like to eat with my hands, not with fork and spoon whenever possible.

Do we really need a handle on the cup? What about handle-less cups? Does a cup become a glass if we remove the handle?


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