You don’t know how big you are

We have identified with this body so much that we have completely forgotten who we really are. Now our mind has become so narrow-minded and mean that it thinks the dimension of our body represents our size. But the truth is something else. We are truly truly truly big. Right now, you cannot even imagine how big we are really. It needs a completely fresh perspective to understand this. With your current mind, you cannot understand this.

But if you are willing to know and you have an open mind, I will tell you the truth today.

The truth is that you are bigger than the universe. In fact, the universe that you see with all planets, stars, and galaxies, is a speck of dust compared to the size of your own self. The planets, stars, and galaxies are just little waves oscillating in the vast pool of your consciousness (or chitta). Your consciousness is so big that it extends to the infinity in all directions. Your consciousness is so fine that it can penetrate through the buildings, trees, sky, stars, and galaxies. Please understand – what you see is not you. You are actually what you don’t see. It is hard to believe but it is the truth.

Everything that you see and perceive, is entirely yours. The whole universe is yours. Every individual has a different universe of their own.


Close your eyes and ponder. The perception is actually happening within you. The image of the sky, trees, and buildings are being formed within you. They are not outside – they are within you. They are being projected, just like a movie, so they look far, in the outside, on the screen. The trees and buildings outside look so real. They look solid. How can they be unreal? But these are only the questions of your mind. You exist alone, even without your mind. If you close your eyes and delete everything from your mind, you are just the consciousness. You are just aware of yourself. And you are happy and blissful too. You don’t need the external world to be happy. Happiness is your original nature.

Never forget your original size. Remember it all the times – when you walk, work, or travel. Don’t focus in the little things that you see around.



2 thoughts on “You don’t know how big you are

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