Touch others’ feet whenever possible

Bowing down is something common in all the cultures around the world. It is commonly understood that we bow down to other people to show respect towards them. However, bowing down has little to do with the other person. In fact, you bow down upon others for your own sake. You don’t bow down to show respect to the other person.

If the person to whom you bow down respects you, blessings will flow towards you. But even if the person is your enemy, you are still benefited. Each time you bow down, you kill your ego. Killing ego is the most important part in the spiritual path.


Do the proper bow down. Crawl to the ground and touch others’ feet with your forehead – it is the most appropriate way. If that is not possible, lean down and touch their feet with hands.

If for some social reason, it is not possible to touch other’ feet, you can just do Namaskar but you have to do it with utmost gratitude and reverence towards the person. If it is not possible to do even Namaskar for cultural reason, you can still feel him/her and bow down silently with your own emotions.

If for some reason, the other person does not allow you to touch his/her feet, face towards him/her and bow down upon the earth.

If someone wants to touch your feet, you must let him/her do so. Not allowing to do so is a spiritual crime. You must allow and bless him/her from your heart.

Bow down whenever possible.

I bow down to whoever reads this.


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