Her beauty? I fell upon her feet


Often she appeared

ugly and dirty

like the deities in the temples


Often I advised her,

to take shower, 

to take care of

personal hygiene.

Ignorant she looked

Often I taught her

how to spell right

and unmodern she was

Often I advised

to dress up fashion.

The only thing attractive

She seemed to have

was a seductive body

Which I tried to ride

I molested her huge 

although in my mind. 


Once I removed 

my spectacles 

I realized

She had many forms

ugly, beautiful, fierce, crazy, 

you name it 

And she was so clean 

I could see through her

Her knowledge?

Mine was a speck of dust. 

Her beauty? 

I fell upon her feet. 

Yes! she was a Devi

in the form of a person

right in my home. 



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