How to overcome fear?

We all have fear. Fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of speaking in the public, there are various forms of fear. In whatever expression it may appear, fear ultimately is linked to death. It is really the death that we fear. We don’t want to die. That is it.


According to Bhagvad Gita (2.40), the reason for fear is ignorance. The ignorance, that we die. The truth is that our ‘self’ or ‘consciousness’ never dies. The soul is eternal. If we contemplate upon this truth and assimilate this knowledge into us, there will be no fear.

According to Ramana Maharshi, fear is just a thought. It is not a reality. Since mind is incapable of knowing the reality, fear is certainly not real. So if we hold unto this truth, fear will subside.

What to do when you feel fearful? 

When fear comes in your thought, watch upon it and it will subside. When you feel fearful, remember that it is temporary, and watch your heartbeat consciously. It will subside very soon and you will remain unaffected. Fear cannot affect you if you become conscious of it. Fear attacks us only when we lose our consciousness, the consciousness of the present moment.

Saying goodbye to fear permanently

Once fear arise, we can deal with the fear by following the above instructions. However, if we want to not allow fear to arise in the first place, we must adjust our lifestyle. Fear is an expression of ‘tamasic quality’, the lowest quality of Prakriti. So in order to avoid it, we must not cling unto tamasic lifestyle. Tamasic food, for example, should be completely avoided. Meat, ice cream, alcohol, frozen foods, spicy food, etc. all are tamasic food. If you increase the intake of sattvic foods, for example, milk, freshly cooked foods, vegetables, fruits, ghee, nuts, etc., there is no question of fear being arisen. In addition to food, sattvic life style, for example, satsang (company of good people), sat-vichar (thinking positive) etc., all are helpful in preventing fear.



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