Why is Krishna black?

The meaning of Krishna is ‘black’ or ‘darkness’. Krishna’s skin is often depicted in black color. He is also sometimes depicted in dark blue color. So why this?


To understand this first lets answer another question. What holds this universe? You may say it is space. But space is Shiva, not Krishna. Then what holds even the space?

Yes, it is the darkness. The darkness holds everything, planets, galaxies, and space.


You certainly know about black hole. Black hole is the most powerful one. It sucks everything into it. So it is the ultimate. Only it can hold everything. Krishna is indeed the black hole.

You can never understand a black hole in totality. If you try to understand by getting closer to it, you will get sucked. And you will be crushed into pieces. But if you realize your insignificance compared to it and surrender, you will enter into it gracefully. And you will be one with it. The choice is yours, to try to understand it or to surrender unto it.


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