The secret of knowing everything

Throughout the day, so many questions arise in our mind. But thanks to google. These days, whenever we have a question, we can ask google.

Google will certainly give you some answers. It will never say ‘I don’t know’.


You have searched for thousands of questions and things in you life. But have your ever been satisfied?  Have you gotten an answer that satisfies you? In fact, you have even more questions now. You get an answer from google, but moments later you have several more questions.

So how to get out of this trap? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible, absolutely!

The only way is to turn inward. Before asking google ask yourself. Whenever you have a question in your mind, however big it be, close your eyes and ask it to yourself first. Don’t ever think that only Einstein can answer the question of your mind. Never think that only physicists can answer the questions about the universe. Don’t think that only a doctor can answer your health-related question. You are a physicist. You are also a doctor. You are everything. You don’t have to go to the university and get a degree “to know”. Knowledge is a universal right. It is accessible to everyone. But only those who turn inward can access it. That is the only way.




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