Why you are not making progress in your Yoga practice?

I read somewhere that someone did Shambhavi Mahamudra for 3 years and he didn’t experience anything. He was complaining that he had no progress at all. This really shocked me and that is why I am writing this post. I really don’t want this happen to anybody.

There is only one reason why you are not progressing in the spiritual path. You haven’t understood the essence of spirituality. The essence of spirituality is “awareness” and only “awareness”. You are not progressing, because you haven’t maintained the required “awareness”. In search of the god, you have lost your awareness. You have forgotten that you are yourself the god. And you are stuck in the actions that you are doing.

So listen to what I am saying now. Just be “aware” all the time, as much as possible. May be you haven’t understood the real meaning of “awareness” yet. I also didn’t really understand about it for the first six months of my Shambhavi Mahamudra practice. You can’t understand “awareness” intellectually. It must come in your experience. I am just telling you to keep yourself open and continue your practice. It will certainly happen. But I will give you some effective tips to bring “awareness” in your experience, based on my experience.


Know that silence alone is the truth. You are doing yoga to ultimately know that you are just the silence. You are not doing it to have some exciting experience. You are not doing it to have some siddhis. You are not doing it for getting enlightenment. So forget about all these things right now and listen to what I am saying.

I am asking you to “listen to the background sound” right now. As you read this, take a pause and listen to the background sound. What are you listening? May be chirping of the birds? May be “tick-tock” of the clock? May be gurgling of the river? May be the sound of the breeze? May be the sound of the AC? May be more than one of these things. But you are aware of all these things. Whatever they be, the truth is right there, in the background. A lot of noises but in the background, you are just aware of them. Peaceful and silent, like Nova in the picture. Yes you have found it, you have found the truth.

But now your mind will come and say that “no! it is not that simple”. Your mind will also say that “this peace is not exciting, it is boring”. But do not believe your mind. What you are experiencing right now is the truth. Peace is the truth. It never fades. The exciting things in life come and go; they are not permanent. You are what remains when these things come and go. You are here. And you cannot go anywhere.

Be “aware” at every moment while doing yoga. Follow the movements of your hands, and feet. Be completely aware of the moment. Listen to the surrounding sound. Your mind will go somewhere but be aware of it and bring your mind to the present immediately. Let the body do the things. But yourself, be silent and peaceful. Look at Nova above, she is also giving some yoga pose. But she is completely silent. That is real yoga. 🙂

Don’t feel restlessness and never feel that you are stuck. You are never restless, and you are never stuck. You are always free. It is your mind that is telling you so. Don’t believe your mind. Do not be restless for getting enlightenment. Do not be stuck in the mantras. Do not be restless to meet your guru. Do not be restless to go to the Himalayas. Do not be restless to be a happier, and successful person. Your restlessness is your real bondage. Forget about all these things and be free right now. The truth is here and now.


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