Why we should stop debating climate change?

Climate has never changed and will never change. It is just as it should be, perfectly following the laws of the nature. It is perfectly responding to the dramatically-increased human activities in the last few hundred years. It is only our mind that is changing.

People on the left side are telling that it is head. Those on the right are telling that it is the tail. In reality, it is just a coin, a whole coin. Neither head, nor tail.

Deep water in the ocean is always calm. There are waves only on the surface. It reality, waves are nothing but water. They rise from the ocean and disappear in the ocean.

Even within us, our heart is silent, like the deep water. The heart is always calm and relaxed. But the mind, it is changing every second. Not just climate, if you look from your mind, everything looks changing. It is your mind that is changing, not your surrounding.

The minds are changing, in both sides. But they have some lag. So they never agree. When the people on the left side think that climate change is happening, those on the right don’t. And when people on the right think it is really changing, people on the left have changed their opinion. It is only the mind that is oscillating.


We can choose to continue debating. We can continue publishing flamboyant for-and-against peer-reviewed articles on ‘climate change’ and keep fighting. But we have another option too. We can learn to agree and realize how we all are connected, at the level of heart. After all, we all have a common agenda, to save this planet – our home. Do we want to live in a divided world of opinions or in a uniting world of peace, harmony, and love? The question is just this.


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