You can never think “Out of the Box”

People often talk about “thinking out of the box” to be creative, innovative, or successful. But has that idea been helpful to you? Were you able to think out of the box? The answer, for most you, is surely no.


And, today, I will tell you the truth. The truth is that you can never think out of the box. As long as you think, you are always inside the box. Because your mind is the box.

However, there is a way. You can come out of the box. And you don’t even have to jump to come out of the box, like Nova has to, in the picture. You just have to stop “thinking”. Coming out of the box is an effortless process. Once you stop thinking, your heart will start shining automatically. You will then start expressing yourself freely. Your heart is naturally creative and innovative, unlike your mind, which is just a heap of memories. Once you come out of the box, your every thought is “out of the box”.



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