By hating others, you are hating yourself!

I hate him so much! He cheated me. I will never forgive him.

My husband does not understand me at all! I love him so much but he has no feelings for me. I hope he will realize my love one day.

I don’t like that guy. He is so mean. I don’t want to see him again.

I hate my boss. I wish I was his boss and he was working for me. I would give him a lesson.

I hate my neighbors. I just want to move out from here.


I am sure you have been through one of the situation described above at some point in your life. May be you still have some hate for that person. And perhaps you will also hate me if I give a piece of advice to you today. But, regardless, I will give you some advice today. Because, I know that, it is your mind that is capable of hating me, not you.

If you want to make real progress in the spiritual path or if you just want to be happy in life, you must forgive your enemies. In fact enemies do not exist in reality. They exist only in the level of your mind. Know that you are not your mind. Your mind is not reliable at all. It is worth killing, brutally. Only if you kill your mind, you can experience your heart, the core of your being.

If you have hate for something or someone, you will suffer. Your hate is never going to affect the person that you hate. It is going to affect you and only you. That even, detrimentally. It will create fear in you. It will disturb you. It will never let you be peaceful.

“Hate” is related to the mind. If you hate someone, it means that you think you are the mind. Your mind feels satisfied if you keep “hate” within you because it is the food for the mind. So by hating someone, you are only feeding your mind. That means you are getting further away from your heart.

So instead of hating, please forgive your enemies. If the hate is too strong, even forgiving may not be enough. In that case, you must also pray for them. Only then you can be free. Only then you can be happy.





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