Why you should not trust your mind?

Suppose that a person died in an accident. A witness in the scene found an ID card in the victim’s pocket. The ID card actually belonged to the victim’s friend. Now the witness went to the house of the person in the ID and informed the mother that her son has died in an accident. The mother believed and immediately collapsed. What just happened here?

The above example illustrates that our mind is not at all capable of knowing the truth. Mind can only believe something. It cannot know the truth. The mother’s mind believed that her son was dead and she collapsed.

Isn’t it foolish to trust the mind? And how can we use our mind, such unreliable, to know the truth? That is why we must drop our mind if we want to know the truth. This is the essence of spirituality. This is knowledge of the truth.

But, remember that, as you read this, you used your mind to know the truth. Then how can you know that I told the truth? Now the confusion. The real knowledge is that the mind is only a vehicle, it is not the destination. As the rocket ascends into the space, it keeps on dropping the fuel tanks. Mind is just like a fuel tank. You use it and drop it. If you keep your mind with you, you cannot reach your destination. As the mind reads, it imparts knowledge and the nectar of knowledge remains within you. Knowledge then automatically leads you to the truth, experientially.


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