How to work without working?

I know you don’t believe that it is possible, to work without working. But somewhere, something in you, knows that it is possible. That is probably why you decided to read this post.

This is one main idea in spirituality. More specifically, it is the essence of Karma Yoga, one of the four types of Yoga described in Bhagvad Gita.

“One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men, and he is in the transcendental position, although engaged in all sorts of activities.” Bhagvad Gita, 4.18.


The great spiritual master Osho Rajneesh said the same thing, in a slightly different way, “walk without feet, fly without wings, and think without mind.”

But what do all these really mean? Can we apply these ideas in our daily life?

Generally speaking, when you do a certain activity, it creates impressions in your mind. It means that you are gathering karma. And when you are gathering karma, you can never be free. Karma is the cause of birth and death. If you die when you still have some karma left, you will have to take birth again.

When you do some work, you are mostly attached to the results of it. Because of this, you create impressions in your mind. For example, when you are working in your office, you are concerned with the salary. As long as you are concerned with the salary, you can never work freely. So whatever you do in the office somehow creates impressions in your mind. Suppose one day your boss asked to do something that you don’t like. You have no option than doing it because you are attached to the salary. This action, because it was done without your own will, causes large impressions in your mind. In other words, you create huge karma in doing this.

On the other hand, everyday, you do many activities or actions that don’t cause impressions in your mind. For example, you brush your teeth everyday. You walk around everyday. You do many such activities everyday but don’t think anything about them. You just do and you forget. Such activities don’t cause any impressions because you are doing these activities without being attached to the results. These activities don’t create any karma. Now, the question: can’t we do every action in our life in this way?

The answer is yes. It is absolutely possible. You can work at your office without being attached to the salary. And you will still get the salary. In fact, your salary may even increase soon because you become much more creative and productive now.

Being spiritual means doing action without creating impressions. You just do for the sake of doing. You don’t worry about the results. Results are handled by a far larger force in this universe not by your mind. Let it be so. Don’t mess with it. You will be joyful.



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