Stop running, right now!

Today, I saw a young girl, running impatiently, through the streets of UCI. I don’t know who she is but she looked like an undergraduate student at UCI. Her gestures clearly showed that she was running late for a class. She was completely in chaos. As she waited for the traffic light to go green, she yelled. As the light went green, she ran fast and furious, as if she was taking part in a race. But, at the same time, she was talking over the phone, and updating her situation to someone. In doing so, her face showed some ‘proudness’ too, perhaps because of the feeling ‘I am a busy person’.

I am not trying to make fun of her. Not at all! In fact, while I was in my undergraduate studies, I also had acted in a similar way. Her act represents the general life situation of everyone of us who is going through “business-as-usual” scenario. Her act shows the chaos of our mind.

We are always in a hurry. We eat hurriedly. We walk hurriedly. Sometimes, we are so much attached to our work that we even go to the bed, not to sleep, but to wait for the morning to come, so that we can go to the office and continue our work.

But in this hurriedness, we are missing life. We are running, but without a destination. In this rat race, we are only moving away from life.

It is okay if you missed a class. It is okay if you missed a bus. But do not miss life.

Life has a certain rhythm, and a certain velocity. Flow with it! Don’t move too quick. Don’t move too slow. Just flow with it. Flow with the creation.

If you miss the flow, your whole life will be a chaos.

I invite you to look at yourself right now. Are you flowing with life, at its pace?

There is one good side of being in hurriedness. If you stop completely, when you are in a great hurry, you have an opportunity to realize the truth. It can be an opportunity for your “spiritual awakening“. Next time you are in a hurry, take a pause, and be aware of the present moment. Stop thinking and listen to your heartbeat. Leave everything, including the things you were running behind. Watch your breath and be aware of your “self”. Your “self” is always silent. It is never in a hurry. Only your mind is in hurry. Look at your own past. May be you ran fast and reached the class exactly at 10 am. But did that really matter? Did that affect your grades? Did that affect your life? It only made you more chaos; it only fueled your “restlessness”.

So please stop running! you are only running away from your life. If you stop running, however, there is a great possibility, waiting to be unfold. So settle here, right now, at the moment. If you do not settle, you are only preparing for your next birth. If you keep running, you will be a cheetah in your next life. It is very likely.


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