Do not create new “spiritual habits”

When you are in the spiritual path, it means that now you are busy breaking your old habits. But be aware that in this “busy-ness”, you are likely to create some “spiritual habits”. And this could be the main reason why you are not making progress in the spiritual path. Remember, in the spiritual path, our only goal is liberation or to be free. To be free, we must break all the habits. And we must not create new ones.

Your mind is very smart. Much smarter than you think. At one moment, you are here, but the next moment, it will take you to the supermarket. The next moment, it will remind a trauma of your past. The next moment it will remind you of a better job you can get and take you to the future. It will keep on introducing the things that you like until it completely hijacks you. Your mind clearly knows what you like and what you don’t. Once you are in the spiritual path, your mind also evolves and become smarter. It is like when the police introduces a 3-minute security service in the city, the thieves will find new ways to rub the bank, now in 2-minutes. When you become spiritual, your mind knows that you now like “spiritual stuffs”. So now it will bring things about god, laws of karmas, and so on. Every moment you become aware of yourself, your mind will make some new, attractive offers until it hijacks you completely. For the same reason, I am writing this article now, stepping out of my field of peace. My mind is saying that “if you write this stuff, you will become a better writer and people will praise you.” What an attractive offer, isn’t it? 🙂

Lets talk more on how our mind can create new habits. For example, you may want to listen to a particular spiritual song or “bhajan” everyday at a certain time. And let’s say, for some reason, you were unable to listen to that bhajan today. Now your mind will make you restless. You could even become angry at a person if he/she was the reason behind this. Now observe. You are clearly making a new habit here. This is clearly an obstruction in your spiritual path. So instead of becoming restless, take a pause, and ask why you are listening to the bhajan every day. You listen to the bhajan everyday to be peaceful, isn’t it? But did it really make you peaceful? You have now become dependent on bhajan to be peaceful. What a great, spiritual trap!

Another example, you may be going to the temple or to a Satsang in your community nearby everyday. And if one day, for some reason, you were unable to go, you become agitated. You are creating another spiritual habit here.

So never forget your destination. There will be many distractions in the path. Every moment, remind yourself of your destination. And realize that what you are looking for is already with you. Do not let your mind take part in the “spiritual race”. Be with your “self”, always. “Self” alone is the truth. Observe the silence in the background. Do not even think about god because you will use your mind in this process and your mind will hijack you. Just be with your real “self”.


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