Who is higher Krishna or Shiva?

Note: This is the third question in the series of Three questions every spiritual seeker asks

Who is higher Krishna or Shiva?

In Hinduism, there are many religious sects and denominations. Obviously most people are confused. Some people ask why there are so many gods in Hinduism. Others ask who is the ultimate god. Such questions may be many but they originate from the ignorance that prevail in our society. Followers of different sects even fight sometimes because they believe that their god is the ultimate one.

So what is the truth? 

First you should know that truth really exists. There is one ultimate truth that is the basis of all creation. There is one truth that can explain everything. That one truth can answer all the questions of your mind.

Also know that the explanation of truth is consistent in all the scriptures of Hinduism including Vedas and Gita. Not only within Hindu scriptures, the explanation of truth is consistent in all the scriptures, of all the religions on this planet. Those scriptures are not contradictory. They all point to the same direction. Only the paths are different. The final destination is the same.

Are you capable of knowing the truth?

The truth is that every human being can attain self realization. Human life is designed for liberation. There is no higher being than human being. So after death, either you must get liberated from the cycles of birth and death or you have to circle in the cycle again. You have the choice. Human beings are given the choice. Every human being living on this planet has this choice, whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated.

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The truth is that Shiva and Krishna are the two forms of the same god. In Ramayan, Ram is seen worshipping Shiva in the form of Rameshwor linga. In other instances, Shiva is seen meditating upon Vishnu or Krishna. So in both cases, he is worshiping himself or meditating upon himself. And that is the truth. Can we separate the light from the sun? If one is the sun another is the light. That is the truth. But these are just the stories. We don’t need to believe them because there is a way to verify this truth. And that is meditation. When we meditate, we meditate upon our own”self”.

So the only truth to know is that god is one. It is also true that he can assume many “physical forms” with his material energy. When we identify him with a name, we are essentially referring to his physical forms. So all the names commonly used in Hinduism are the names of his different forms. Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Ganesh, Laxmi, Durga, etc., all are the names of his forms. His ultimate nature is essentially formless. Obviously he has no sex so don’t ask whether he is male or female. In fact god can’t be seen because because he is the seer within you. Read the previous line again. He cannot be known because he is the knower within you. He cannot be perceived because he is the perceiver. Isn’t it true that the eyes cannot see the eyes themselves? Can a knife cut itself?

Experiential truth is that Shiva is the state of “nothingness” and Krishna is the state of “bliss” or paramananda, both of which can be experienced (together) by the practice of meditation. But nobody should believe other’s description about god. Please don’t believe my words either. Because as I try to describe Shiva and Krishna, I move further away from them because I am using my mind in this process. God is beyond mind and its logic; we cannot use mind to understand him. Shiva and Krishna must be understood experientially.




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