What is the “energy body”?

When we refer to the “body” we are generally referring to our physical body. But in yogic sciences, there are five sheaths of our body. The first one is the physical or food body that everyone of us is aware of. Second is the mental body where emotions and impressions reside. And the third one is the subtle “energy body” in which the life force energy or “prana” flows. The remaining two bodies are the “intelligence body” and the “bliss body” which are even more subtle.

When one practices yoga and meditation, one can clearly see changes in his energy body. When we do some extreme adventures, how do we feel? Imagine yourself doing Bungee Jump or riding that huge roller coaster. We feel some strong (pleasing) sensation throughout our whole body. But where exactly is that happening, that sensation? Is it in your physical body? No it happens in your subtle body, the energy body. As one advances in yoga and meditation practice, one can clearly feel the flow of energy in the energy body. When there is no  obstruction in the energy body, one feels joyful and happy. Our energy body is composed of thousands of energy channels which are called Nadis. There are seven major points in our energy body where these Nadis intersect in a certain way, these points are called chakras.


The energy Chakras in our body.

You must have met someone in your life in whose presence you got moved very much. You didn’t even had to talk to them; being close to them was enough or one eye contact was enough to feel their energy. Energy works in such a way. It works in a different dimension, the subtle one.

When the energy body is intact, stress, diseases, and all these problems naturally vanish. The root cause of all of the physical and psychological problems is the distortion in the energy body. Yoga and meditation is all about mastering that energy body.


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