Do not react, respond!

Every human being has two space; conscious and unconscious. The conscious space is the space of “awareness” and the unconscious space is the space of “tendencies”. In other words, the conscious space is the space of the heart and the unconscious space is the space of the mind. Conscious space is where our “true being” resides and the unconscious space is where our “false being” resides. This false being is the mind or ego. Love and joy belong to the conscious space. Anger, hate, jealousy, and fear belong to the unconscious space.

Decisions taken while being in the conscious space are always right because they are “life-sensitive”.  The decisions taken while being in the unconscious space are mostly wrong because they are “habit-sensitive”. Habits are derived from our past impressions which are not only limited to the past of this life but also from the past of our many lives. When we are in the conscious space, we “respond” to a situation. In contrast, in the unconscious space, we “react” to the situation.

Unfortunately, we live in the unconscious space for most of the time. Meditation is all about living in that conscious space. So we can be meditative all the time not just when we sit in a cross-legged position and close our eyes.


Lets take an example – that you like coke very much. Coke is just an example; it could be anything with which you are habitual. Suppose in an afternoon, you were passing through the hallway in your office. Then you saw some bottles of coke and water lying in in the table of the graduate lounge. Somehow, you reached there and grabbed the a bottle of coke. You drank it. It certainly gave you some satisfaction. Now the question – did “you” drink the coke? You think that you drank it but the truth is something else. You did not drink it. You were only reacting at that moment. In other words, it was your “tendency” that decided to grab and drink the coke. If you were “conscious” at that moment, you would continue to walk to your office. Even if you were thirsty, you would choose to drink water had you been conscious. Perhaps, you realized this, although after some time, that you had to drink water because you were still feeling thirsty.

Life is all about making “conscious” decisions. Our success and happiness in life are buried somewhere in this space of consciousness. We have the choice to do each of our activity consciously or unconsciously – weather it be about drinking a coke or making a decision to buy a house.


4 thoughts on “Do not react, respond!

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