Three questions every spiritual seeker asks

Taking a spiritual path is not so easy. There are so many challenges. So many questions and so many doubts. Actually it is much easier to be an atheist; you can make your own boundary and make conclusions. But being a spiritual seeker means you are seeking for true or absolute knowledge which is free from duality if there is any. So this path is not easy at all. A seeker must have the courage to fight every doubt that arises during the spiritual journey.


Most of these doubts are cleared by following the directions of one’s spiritual master or Guru. But there are a few questions which even the Guru will never answer you directly. If you ask these questions to your Guru, he/she will make you even more confused. It is not that Guru cannot answer these questions but he/she wants you to find answers to these questions yourself.

So here are the three questions that every spiritual seeker will ask sooner or later.

Does god exist?

Who is your spiritual master or Guru?

Who is higher Krishna or Shiva?

I will try to destroy each of these questions from your mind separately in a series of my upcoming posts.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु ।


2 thoughts on “Three questions every spiritual seeker asks

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